Center For AIDS Research

Rana Chakraborty, MD

Rana Chakraborty

CFAR Investigator

Phone: 404-727-5642
School: Emory School of Medicine
Department: Pediatric Infectious Diseases

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CFAR Involvement


Research Domains

• Clinical & Translational Science Research Domain
    Co-Morbid Illnesses:
Metabolic Complications, Vitamin D Deficiency
    Healthcare Delivery:
Access/Retention in Care, Adherence to Therapy, Factors Affecting Treatment Decisions
    Opportunistic Infections & Co-infections:
Antiretroviral Therapy, Mother to Child Transmission
    Translational Science:
Clinical Studies of: HIV Transmission, HIV Pathogenesis
• HIV/SIV Pathogenesis
    Virus-Cell Interactions:
Virus Assembly and Host Restriction
• Immunology & Vaccine Development
    Fundamental Discoveries:
Immunology, Vaccinology
    AIDS Vaccines:
Preclinical Research and Development, Study Subject Recruitment, Evaluating Vaccines in Humans   

Research Populations:

  • Age: Infants, Children, Adolescents

Key Collaborators:

Paul Spearman, Jyoti Rengarajan, Jason Hammonds, Rama Amara, Bali Pulendran, Allison Ross


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