Center For AIDS Research

"AIDS" Class Videos

The videos below were taped for presentation during Emory University's Coursera class on AIDS, taught by Kimberley (Kimbi) Hagen, EdD.

Week 1: History
Focusing on the origin of HIV, its initial discovery in humans, the early response to HIV (good, the bad, and the ugly), and the global spread of reported cases of AIDS since then.
       • Dr. Kimbi Hagen: The Origin of HIV
       • Dr. James W. Curran: The History of AIDS

Week 2: Science
Focusing on how the immune system works and what HIV does to disable the body's ability to protect itself against everyday germs.
       • Dr. Kimbi Hagen: Immunology
       • Dr. Kimbi Hagen: Transmission
       • Dr. Eric Hunter: Pathogenesis

Week 3: Behavioral Prevention
Focusing on theories of behavior change, culturally embedded HIV prevention and awareness messages, and an exceptionally cost-effective way to reduce HIV transmission rates.
       • Dr. Kimbi Hagen: Behavior Change
       • Dr. Kate Winskell: The Global Dialogues Project
       • Dr. Susan Allen: Couples Voluntary Counseling and Testing

Week 4: Biomedical Prevention
Focusing on current research in biological ways to reduce transmission between mother and child, among high risk individuals, and within sero-discordant couples.
       • Dr. Kimbi Hagen: Overview
       • Dr. Kimbi Hagen: Mother-to-Child-Transmission (MTCT)
       • Dr. Kimbi Hagen: Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)
       • Dr. Mark Mulligan: Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)
       • Dr. Mark Mulligan: Microbicides
       • Dr. Carlos del Rio: Treatment as Prevention (TasP)
       • Dr. Carlos del Rio: Male Circumcision

Week 5: Vulnerable Populations
Focusing on how HIV affects and is affected by political, cultural, sexual, biological, and gender-based factors.
       • Dr. Kimbi Hagen: Women
       • Dr. Patrick Sullivan: Men Who Have Sex With Men
       • Dr. Rana Chakraborty: Adolescents

Week 6: Clinical Care Issues
Focusing on the stages of HIV, advancements in HIV testing, the illnesses that people with HIV/AIDS are at risk from, and crucial issues that can affect the success of HIV treatment.
       • Dr. Kimbi Hagen: Stages of HIV
       • Dr. Kimbi Hagen: Opportunistic Infections
       • Dr. Jeffrey Lennox: HIV Clinical Case Presentations
       • Dr. Marcia Holstad: Obstacles to Medication Adherence

Week 7: AIDS Vaccines
Focusing on an explanation of what vaccines are, the requirements for a successful HIV/AIDS vaccine, and what is involved in being a volunteer in a clinical trial of an experimental AIDS vaccine.
       • Dr. Kimbi Hagen: Why We Need a Vaccine for HIV
       • Dr. Kimbi Hagen: The History of Vaccines in General
       • Dr. Kimbi Hagen: How Vaccine Clinical Trials Work
       • Dr. Kimbi Hagen: Vaccine Types
       • Dr. Kimbi Hagen: Vaccine Myths
       • Dr. Paula Frew: Participating in an AIDS Vaccine Trial

Week 8: The Future
Focusing on key areas in the battle to successfully mitigate global suffering related to AIDS.
       • Dr. Kimbi Hagen: Upcoming Challenges
       • Dr. Vincent Marconi: Curing HIV

Week 9: Making it Better
Focusing on how individuals, organizations, and societies have and are responding to the pandemic.
       • Dr. Kimbi Hagen: On Being a Volunteer
       • Dr. John Blevins: The History of AIDS Activism
       • Dr. John Blevins: Religion as a Social Force in HIV
       • Dr. Kimbi Hagen: Course Conclusion