2017 Meetings

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January 19, 2017

Meeting Host:
CFAR Biostatistics Core

John Rice Defining 'Regularity': Assessing Interventions to Improve the Self-testing Behavior of People at High Risk for HIV

John Rice, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Rochester Medical Center

Yijuan Hu HIV Care Continuum: A Longitudinal Analysis Provides Further Insights than Cross-sectional Care Cascade

Yijuan Hu, PhD

Emory University

Adam Vaughan MSM for MSM: Applying the MSM (Marginal Structural Model) to Understanding the Effect of STIs on HIV Acquisition Among MSM

Adam Vaughan, PhD


February 16, 2017

Meeting Host:
CFAR HIV & Aging Scientific Working Group

Deborah Gustafson Turbocharged: Aging in Women with HIV Infection

Deborah Gustafson, MS, PhD

Professor (Neurology)
SUNY Downstate Medical Center

William Lewis Aging and AIDS: Teach Your Mitochondria Well

William Lewis, MD

Emory University

Sean Halpin Risky Business? CAM* in the HAART Era

*Complimentary and Alternative Medicine

Sean Halpin, MA

Emory University

March 16, 2017

Meeting Host:
CFAR Immunology Core

Michael Farzan Thinking Big: Toward Long-term, Universal Protection from HIV-1

Michael Farzan, PhD

Professor (Immunology and Microbiology)
The Scripps Research Institute

Smita Iyer Do Differences Make a Difference?: TFH Cell Heterogeneity in SIV Infection

Smita Iyer, PhD

Emory University

Luca Micci Going for the Gold: Targeting Inflammation and Viral Persistence in SIV-infected Macaques

Luca Micci, PhD

Emory University

April 19, 2017

Meeting Host:
CFAR Prevention Science Core

Paul Gaist HIV-focused Behavioral and Social Sciences Research in the Context of the NIH AIDS Research Program – An Overview

Paul Gaist, PhD

Coordinator and Health Scientist Administrator
Office of AIDS Research, NIH

Charlotte-Paige Rolle PrEP'ed for PrEP: HIV Prevention Among Young Black MSM in Atlanta

Charlotte-Paige Rolle, MD, MPH

Emory University

Natalie Crawford Pharmacies as Links: Improving HIV Prevention and Access in High-risk Communities

Natalie Crawford, PhD

Emory University

May 18, 2017

Meeting Host:
CFAR HIV Cure Scientific Working Group

Michael Gottlieb AIDS: From Discovery to Cure

Michael Gottlieb, MD

Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine
The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

June - August 2017

No Meetings: Summer Vacation

September 21, 2017

Meeting Host:
CFAR Community Liaison Council

"News You Can Use!
A Review of Late-Breaking HIV/AIDS Research And its Impact on Our Atlanta Community"

Wendy Armstrong Emory-Grady Research Connections: A Partnership to Strengthen Atlanta's HIV Response

Wendy Armstrong, MD

Site Director (Ponce)
CFAR Clinical Research Core

Hannah Coper Public Housing Relocations in Atlanta: Relationship to HIV Vulnerability

Hannah Cooper, ScD

Co-Director, CFAR Prevention Science Core

Patrick Sullivan Mobile Apps to Increase the Uptake of HIV Prevention Services Among MSM: New Studies Coming to Atlanta

Patrick Sullivan, PhD

Co-Director, CFAR Prevention Science Core

October 12, 2017

Meeting Host:
CFAR Administrative Core

"The Future of HIV Research at Emory"

Ann Chahroudi Immune Interventions in SIV-Infected ART-suppressed Infant Macaques

Ann Chahroudi, MD, PhD

Tanja Jovanovic Biological Mechanisms of Stress Disorders Co-Morbid with HIV in African American Women

Tanja Jovanovic, PhD

Sam Jenness Modeling Antiretroviral-based Prevention Among MSM in the US

Sam Jenness, PhD

Mirko Paiardini Limiting HIV Establishment and Maintenance by Preserving Intestinal Immunity

Mirko Paiardini, PhD

Aaron Siegler Making it Last: A Randomized; Controlled Trial of a Home Care System to Promote Persistence in PrEP Care

Aaron Siegler, PhD

November 16-17, 2017

Meeting Host:
HIV & Aging Scientific Working Group


December 7, 2017

Meeting Host:
CFAR Virology & Molecular Biomarkers Core

James Hoxie HIV-focused Behavioral and Social Sciences Research in the Context of the NIH AIDS Research Program – An Overview

James Hoxie, MD

Professor (Medicine) University of Pennsylvania

Steven Bosinger Genome Sequencing of the AIDS-Resistant Sooty Mangabey Monkey

Steven Bosinger, PhD

Emory University

Thomas Vanderford CD4+ T-cell Depletion and Activation During cART Treatment of Macaques

Thomas Vanderford, PhD

Emory University