"It is our theory that most of the really significant breakthroughs in history have been powered by pizza." -- Kimbi Hagen

Better Science Through Pizza!!

Official CFAR Network Triangle
Official CFAR Network Triangle*

What We Do

The CFAR Network Science Seminar exists to facilitate networking, dialogue, and collaboration between researchers, clinicians, policy makers, historians/journalists, and interested others who are interested in research-based HIV/AIDS policy, prevention, treatment, and care.

The Science Seminar has two missions: 1) to advance the practice of HIV/AIDS research by stimulating the intellectual potential and research productivity of the HIV/AIDS research community in the Southeast and 2) to have a really good time at our monthly meetings.

*THE CFAR NETWORK TRIANGLE is rung to signal the beginning of each Seminar in memory of our colleagues, friends, and family members who died from AIDS in the early days of the epidemic, before researchers found effective means to prevent and treat HIV. (Also, we couldn't help but notice how much a triangle looks like a slice of pizza).

Who Comes to the Seminar

Our membership includes investigators, students, staff, administrators, and other interesting people from academia, public health, private industry, government (federal, state, and local), community based organizations, the fourth estate, charitable foundations, and science-saavy members of the general public.

Why Attendance is Free

It may be true that there ain't no such thing as a free lunch (TANSTAAFL) but membership in and attendance at CFAR Network events doesn't cost members or guests a cent. So next time you see one of them, say "Thank You!" to the directors of the Center for AIDS Research at Emory University for paying for the Science Seminar, so you don't have to.