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January 30-February 6, 2012

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January 30 - February 6, 2012
=Bali Pulendran =Rafi Ahmed
Paper of the Year Sr. Authors

… to CFAR Investigators Bali Pulendran and Rafi Ahmed, senior authors on a Nature Immunology paper, “Systems biology of vaccination for seasonal influenza in humans” (21743478) that has been named International Society for Vaccines (ISV) Paper of the Year, 2011!

As the ISV nomination statement says and as every individual involved in designing HIV/AIDS vaccine clinical trials protocols knows to their personal chagrin "a major challenge in vaccinology is that the effectiveness of vaccination can only be ascertained after vaccinated individuals have been exposed to infection." Building on Bali's 2009 game changing research (19029902) though, Dr. Pulendran's and Dr. Ahmed's teams seem to have successfully cracked that nut!

As described in the paper of the year (21743478) the use of a systems biology approach to identify early gene 'signatures' that predict vaccine efficacy was successful in predicting the magnitude of later immune response to flu vaccine with >90% accuracy!

But wait... there's more!

This Kudo falls hard on the heels of the ISV Paper of the Month (May 2011) award to Drs. Bali Pulendran, Dick Compans, and Francois Villinger for their Nature paper, "Programming the magnitude and persistence of antibody responses with innate immunity" (21350488).


In other news
...The journal Public Health Reports is soliciting manuscripts for a supplement focused on applying Social Determinants of Health to public health practice. Submissions are due May 01.
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...In what will come as a major surprise to exactly NO ONE affiliated with the CFAR, it is now official... the AIDS epidemic prefers the South over other parts of the country. According to a comprehensive research report “HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the South Reaches Crisis Proportions in Last Decade” compiled by teh Duke Center for Health Policy and Inequalities Research and released by the Southern HIV/AIDS Strategy Initiative (SASI), 35% of new HIV infections in 2009 were in nine southern states (including Georgia) which collectively contain only 22% of the U.S. population. We Southerners also lead the country in new AIDS diagnoses and in HIV/AIDS-related deaths. Furthermore, and probably not completely coincidentally, 99.5% of people on waiting lists for AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAP) live in the South. Big Sigh.
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New Funding Opps

FEB 25 (LOI deadline)
Sponsor: NIAAA
U01:Interventions to Improve HIV/AIDS and Alcohol-Related Outcomes

MAR 26 (App deadline)
Sponsor: CDC
Development and Testing of a Clinic-Based Intervention to Increase Dual Protection against Unintended Pregnancy and STDs among High Risk Female Teens

JUN 13 (LOI deadline)
Sponsor: NIAID
U01: Targeting Inflammation and Immune Activation in HIV Disease

AUG 28 (LOI deadline)
Sponsors: NIAID, NIMH
UM1: Leadership Group for a Clinical Research Network on Vaccines to Prevent HIV infection

AUG 28 (LOI deadline)
UM1: Leadership Group for a Clinical Research Network on HIV/AIDS and HIV-associated Infections in Pediatric and Maternal Populations

AUG 28 (LOI deadline)
UMI: Leadership Group for a Clinical Research Network on Therapeutics for HIV/AIDS and HIV-associated Infections in Adults

AUG 28 (LOI deadline)
UM1: Leadership Group for a Clinical Research Network on Microbicides to Prevent HIV Infection (UM1)

AUG 28 (LOI deadline)
UM1: Leadership Group for a Clinical Research Network on Integrated Strategies to Prevent HIV Infection

Full List of Funding Opps



No New Announcements

Full List of Funding Opps


Recent Pubs
that acknowledge the CFAR grant (P30 AI050409)

Hogan CM, Degruttola V, Sun X, Fiscus SA, del Rio C, Hare CB, Markowitz M, Connick E, Macatangay B, Tashima KT, Kallungal B, Camp R, Morton T, Daar ES, Little S; A5217 Study Team. The setpoint study (ACTG A5217): effect of immediate versus deferred antiretroviral therapy on virologic set point in recently HIV-1-infected individuals. J Infect Dis. 2012 Jan;205(1):87-96. Epub 2011 Dec 15.

Boeras DI, Hraber PT, Hurlston M, Evans-STrickfaden T, Bhattacharya T, Giorgi EE, Mulenga J, Karita E, Korber BT, Allen S, Hart CE, Derdeyn CA, Hunter E. Role of donor genital tract HIV-1 diversity in the transmission bottleneck. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA; Nov 15; 108(46) Epub 2011 Nov 7.

Winskell K, Hill E, Obyerodhyambo O. Comparing HIV-related symbolic stigma in six African countries: social representations in young people’s narratives. Soc Sci Med. Oct;73(8):1257-65. Epub 2011 Jul 28.

Khosropour CM, Sullivan P. Predictors of retention in an online follow-up study of men who have sex with men. J Med Internet Res. 2011 Jul 11;13(3):e47

Priddy FH, Wakasiaka S, Hoang TD, Smith DJ, Farah B, del Rio C, Ndinya-Achola J. Anal sex, vaginal practices, and HIV incidence in female sex workers in urban Kenya: implications for the development of intravaginal HIV prevention methods.. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. 2011 Oct;27(10):1067-72. Epub 2011 May 6.

Upcoming Events
Feb 1
6:00 pm
Building a Better/Cheaper/More Efficient Mousetrap: The Need for a Paradigm Change in Screening in the HPV Vaccine Era
Sponsor: Vaccine Dinner Club
Eduardo Franco, MD, McGill University

Feb 3
8:00 am
Infectious Disease Weekly Seminar
Location: RSPH/GCR, Rita Anne Rollins Room
Sponsor: School of Medicine
Wayne Wang, MD, PhD

Feb 7
12:00 pm
Growing Old with HIV
Location: EUH Auditorium, 2nd Floor
Sponsor: CFAR & SOM
David Rimland, MD

Feb 7
12:00 pm
Changing HIV Risk Behavior: Twenty-five Years of Theory-based Research
Sponsor: CFAR Network (special seminar)
Jeffrey Fisher, PhD, University of Connecticut
Pizza and libations will be provided, so

Feb 7-8
2012 Curtis L. Parker Student Research Symposium
Location: Morehouse School of Medicine
Sponsor: Morehouse School of Medicine
Keynote Speaker:
James E. K. Hildreth, MD, PhD, UCDavis
Natural Pseudotyping of HIV-1: Implications for the
AIDS Pandemic

Feb 9
Science and Engagement Shifting Borders with respect to AIDS Research in Southern Africa
Location: Callaway S423
Sponsor: Inst. of African Studies
Ida Susser, PhD, CUNY
Hard copies of the paper will be available around January 25 outside Callaway S413. An electronic version can be found on Reserves Direct, HIST 500 Institute of African Studies Seminar, Spring 2012

Save the Date
Feb 16
5:15 pm
February Meeting of the CFAR Network (Yipee!)
Sponsor: CFAR
Host: Hannah Cooper
Jacques Normand, PhD
Prevention and Treatment of HIV/AIDS among Drug
Using Populations: NIDA’s Research Priorities

Claire Sterk, PhD
The Social Side of HIV Prevention Among Drug

Carlos del Rio, MD, MPH
Clinical Care of HIV-infected Drug Users
William Tyor, MD
The Effects of Opiates on HIV-induced Encephalitis

Apr 2
4th Annual Georgia Nanotechnology & Infectious Disease Symposium
Location: Wooduff Health Sciences Center
Keynote Address: Carl June, MD
Abstract deadline: February 15

Apr 3
Treatment as Prevention: Controlling the AIDS Epidemic through Antiretroviral Therapy
Sponsor: University of Miami D-CFAR
Full List of Upcoming Events


Spotlight! | CFAR Funding Recipients

Current Fiscal Year CFAR03 grant recipients include:

Jeffrey Rumbaugh, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor (SOM/Neurology)
Neuropathogenesis of Cryptococcal Meningitis

Anne Spaulding, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor (RSPH/Epidemiology)
Kevin Ward, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor (WCI)
Cancer in a Prisoner Cohort: Comparison of Subjects with and without HIV

Nestani Tukvadze, MD
Former Fellow (Emory-Georgia TB Research Training Program)
Performance of the GeneXpert for TB Case Finding Among HIV-infected Patients in Tbilisi, Georgia
(still under International Clearance review)

Kate Winskell, PhD
Assistant Professor (RSPH/GH)
HIV Prevention Through a Scenario-based Electronic Game for Young Africans

Current Fiscal Year CFAR Microgrant recipients include:

Wendy Armstrong, MD
“Operationalizing the Primary Care Medical Home (PCMH) in HIV Care Settings: A Pilot Study of the Ryan White Medical Home”

Carla Berg, PhD
"Targeting Smoking Cessation and Depression among HIV+ Individuals"

Paula Frew, PhD
"HIV Prevention Research Ethics Training"

Sophia Hussen, MD, MPH
"A Qualitative Investigation of the Life Experiences of HIV-Positive Young Black Men Who Have Sex With Men in Atlanta, GA."

Russell Kempker, MD, MPH
"Lateral Flow Assay (LFA) Testing for Rapid Cryptococcal Disease Diagnosis in Ethiopia" (still under International Clearance review)

Minh Nguyen, MD
"Gender Differential in HIV Testing Among Newly Diagnosed Hodgkin's Lymphoma in an Urban Hospital Center"

Julia Painter, PhD, MPH
"HIV Vaccination Attitudes and Risk Compensation (HVARC) II: HVTN 505 Sub-Study"

Patrick Sullivan, PhD, MPH
"Delay discounting and sexual risk among US MSM"

Nicholas Vogenthaler, PhD, MPH
"Food Insecurity in an HIV+ Hospitalized Patient Population"


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