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February 6-13, 2012

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  February 6-13, 2012
=Alejandro Leal
Local Star

... to Alejandro Leal, Online Producer of the Emory Report. According to, a "hero" is a person of distinguished ability, who is admired for his or her noble qualities. That pretty much sums up Alejandro -- his noble quality is the willingness to respond to a total stranger's S.O.S. re: an apparently invisible Network News and then use his super powers to track down and tame the stray bit of errant code that was causing all the trouble. THANK YOU ALEJANDRO! You have the gratitude (or not) of everyone who now has one less reason to just hit the delete key on an incoming CFAR email.

=Rana Chakraborty
National Star

... to Rana Chakraborty, whose own distinguished abilities are increasingly being recognized on the national stage, most recently through his appointment by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to serve as Chair of the Committee on Pediatric AIDS!    Rana's committee will provide policy statements, guidelines and recommendations to policy making bodies and local / federal governments about the care and treatment of infants, children, and adolescents with HIV. In other words, Rana and his colleagues speak for those who lack the voice to speak for themselves.

In other news
...The XIX International AIDS Conference is coming to the United States -- want to be a part of history?* Submit your abstracts now for the XIX International AIDS Conference to be held July 22-27, 2012, in Washington, DC. Deadline: February 15.

Did you know that the first ever IAC was held in Atlanta, three years into the epidemic (1985)?
2,000 people attended and a main topic of conversation was the potential ramifications (both positive and negative) of the recently developed ELISA test to detect antibodies to HIV.

Two years later (1987) the III International AIDS Conference was held in Washington DC.
6,300 people attended and the main topics of conversation were President Reagan's first public mention of AIDS the day before the conference began and the bright yellow rubber gloves worn by DC police while arresting conference demonstrators protesting the administration's call for widespread HIV testing. The officers' bold fashion statement was the result of a memo from then Attorney General Edwin Meese to local police chiefs stating that individuals at high risk for AIDS should only be touched with rubber gloves. (Rumors that the first draft of his memo actually referred to "a 10 foot pole" have never been substantiated).

The VI International AIDS Conference (1990) was held in San Francisco.
11,000 people attended and a main topic of conversation was the non-stop protests going on outside -- and inside -- the conference venue over a federal policy banning people with HIV from emigrating or even travelling to the USA; thereby making it impossible for international delegates with AIDS from attending their own international conference on AIDS. Protestors were even successful in drowning out the conference's closing speech by Health and Human Services Secretary Louis Sullivan, who left the podium before finishing his remarks.

In outrage over the USA's continued exclusion of foreigners with AIDS, the IAC was never again held in the USA. Until now.

In 2010 the Obama Administration lifted the travel ban and the International AIDS Society promptly awarded the next International AIDS Conference to the United States.

30,000 people are expected to attend. Be there or be sidelined by history.


New Funding Opps

MAY 13 (LOI deadline)
Sponsor: NIAID
P01: HIV Vaccine Research and Design (HIVRAD) Program

MAY 26 (LOI deadline)
Sponsor: NIAID
R01: Partnerships for Development of Vaccine Technologies

JUN 13 (LOI deadline)
Sponsor: NIAID
U01: Targeting Inflammation and Immune Activation in HIV Disease

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Recent Pubs
that acknowledge the CFAR grant (P30 AI050409)

Dionne-Odom J, Tambe P, Yee E, Weinstock H, del Rio C. Antimicrobial resistant gonorrhea in Atlanta: 1988-2006.Sex Transm Dis. 2011 Aug;38(8):780-2.
Upcoming Events
Feb 6
2:00 pm
Innate Immune Activation by RBC Transfusion: Lessons from a Mouse Model
Location: Whitehead Auditorium
Sponsor: Department of Pathology
   James C. Zimring, MD

Feb 7
12:00 pm
Growing Old with HIV
Location: EUH Auditorium, 2nd Floor
Sponsor: CFAR & SOM
   David Rimland, MD

Feb 7
12:00 pm
Changing HIV Risk Behavior: Twenty-five Years of Theory-based Research
Sponsor: CFAR Network (special seminar)
   Jeffrey Fisher, PhD, University of Connecticut
Pizza and libations will be provided, so

Feb 7-8
2012 Curtis L. Parker Student Research Symposium
Location: Morehouse School of Medicine
Sponsor: Morehouse School of Medicine
Keynote Speaker:
   James E. K. Hildreth, MD, PhD, UCDavis
      Natural Pseudotyping of HIV-1: Implications for the
      AIDS Pandemic

Feb 8
12:00 pm
Approaches to AIDS Prevention for Women in Southern Africa
Location: Rm 1000, RSPH/CNR
Sponsor: RSPH/GH; CFAR
   Ida Susser, PhD, CUNY

Feb 9
Science and Engagement Shifting Borders with respect to AIDS Research in Southern Africa
Location: Callaway S423
Sponsor: Inst. of African Studies
   Ida Susser, PhD, CUNY

Feb 10
12:00 noon
Highly active antiretroviral therapy in SIV-infected macaques
Location: Bourne Seminar Room, Yerkes
Sponsor: Division of Microbiology & Immunology Starring:
   Andrea Savarino, MD, PhD
   Istituto Superiore di Sanita', Rome, Italy

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Spotlight! | 2011 NIH Application Success Rates

The chance that, in 2011, your NIH app was funded, period. Overall success rates for research project grants fell in 2010.

The chance that you grabbed the brass ring regardless of how long you have been doing this. New Investigators were as successful as established investigators who submitted new applications.

The chance that your new app was funded, regardless of how many X chromosomes you have. Men and women had equal success rates in getting new apps funded.

The total percentage of NIH awards given to estrogen-based life forms in 2011. The representation of women NIH Investigators remained the same as in 2010.

The percentage of total funding in 2011 going to R01 equivalents. Unchanged from 2010.

The average size of an R01 equivalent in 2011. Amazingly, this increased slightly over the average size of an R01 equivalent in 2010.

The averge size of a new Center grant funded in 2011. Not so amazingly, this declined by 6%, compared to 2010.
The number of institutional training grant applications submitted in 2011. Consider applying for one in 2012. Why? The annual pool of available funds has not been shrinking as fast as has the annual numbers of apps submitted. Consult the CFAR Biostats Core if you need help doing the math on that.
Source: "Rock Talk" (01/13/12)

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