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February 20-27, 2012

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  February 20-27, 2012
=Spin To End

... to Team EVC, who was the SECOND* highest fundraising team for the Spin to End event held this past Saturday!

Team captain Jane Lawson led team members Eric Hunter and Harriet Robinson on to virtual victory as they spun their way closer to an AIDS Vaccine. Other Team EVC members who helped make a success of the event include Gina Bai, John Beal, Daniel Claiborne, Martin Deymier, Xianshu Piao, Chunxia Li, and Chris Root. Go TEAM!!!

*Second? We're Number Two? I don't think so.
Kimbi Hagen wasn't able to be one of the more than 50 participants who spun the day away but she has exercised her checkbook to help Team EVC and so can you!
Donations will be accepted for two more weeks. Act now and help push Team EVC over the top!
Click here to make a donation in the name of one of the Team EVC members.

In other news

...February 24 is the new, extended deadline for submitting abstracts to the 15th International Congress on Infectious Disease (ICID), to be held in Bangkok, Thailand, June 13-16, 2012.
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...February 29 is the deadline for NGOs in Zambia to notify USAID-Pretoria of their interest in applying for an award to mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS on Zimbabwe’s children by enhancing the sustainability of care and support services for Orphans and other Vulnerable Children.
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New Funding Opps

MAR 9 (LOI deadline)
Sponsor: NIH/NCRR
S10: Shared Instrument Grant Program

MAR 25 (LOI deadline)
R21/R33: Targeting Persistent HIV Reservoirs (TaPHIR)

APR 16 (Application deadline)
Sponsor: HRSA
Enhancing Engagement and Retention in Quality HIV Care for Transgender Women of Color – Evaluation and Technical Assistance Center

MAY 1 (Application deadline)
Sponsor: ANF
American Nurses Foundation Grants Program

MAY 7 (Application deadline)
R01: mHealth Tools to Promote Effective Patient-Provider Communication, Adherence to Treatment & Self-Management of Chronic Diseases in Underserved Populations

MAY 7 (Application deadline)
Sponsor: NIAID
R01: Functional Glycomics in HIV Vaccine Design

MAY 7 (Application deadline)
Sponsor: NIAID
R01: Mucosal Environment and HIV Prevention (MEHP)

MAY 7 (Application deadline)
Sponsor: NIAID
R01: Enhancing Cellular Immunity in the Female Reproductive Tract

MAY 7 (Application deadline)
Sponsor: NIAID, NIMH
R01: Delivering Therapeutics to Residual Active HIV Reservoirs

MAY 26 (LOI deadline)
Sponsor: NIAID
R01: Partnership for Development of Vaccine Technologies

AUG 12 (LOI deadline)
Sponsor: NIMH
R01: Eradication of HIV-1 from CNS Reservoirs: Implications for Therapeutics

AUG 12 (LOI deadline)
Sponsor: NIMH
R21: Eradication of HIV-1 from CNS Reservoirs: Implications for Therapeutics

Full List of Funding Opps



MAR 1 (Application deadline)
Sponsor: Emory University
Eligible: Post-docs
Cottrell Post-doc Fellowships

MULTIPLE (App deadlines)
Sponsor: NIH/NIMH
Eligible: Students
R36: Mental Health Dissertation Grant to Increase Diversity

Full List of Funding Opps


Recent Pubs
that acknowledge the CFAR grant (P30 AI050409)

Hogan CM, Degruttola V, Sun X, Fiscus SA, Del Rio C, Hare CB, Markowitz M, Connick E, Macatangay B, Tashima KT, Kallungal B, Camp R, Morton T, Daar ES, Little S, A5217 Study Team. The setpoint study (ACTG A5217): effect of immediate versus deferred antiretroviral therapy on virologic set point in recently HIV-1-infected individuals. J Infect Dis. 2012 Jan;205(1): 87-96.

Brown JL, Sales JM, DiClimente RJ, Salazar LF, Vanable PA, Carey MP, Brown LK, Romer D, Valois RF, Stanton B. Predicting Discordance Between Self-reports of Sexual Behavior and Incident Sexually Transmitted Infections with African American Female Adolescents: Results from a 4-city Study. AIDS Behav. 2012 Feb 10 [Epub ahead of print

Upcoming Events  
Feb 21
12:00 pm
HIV Sentinel Survey and National HIV Prevalence:
AIDS Estimates Report

Location: Room 1055, RSPH/CNR
Sponsor: Humphrey Fellows Program
   Leticia Asomani-Wiafe (Ghana)

Feb 21
4:30 pm
In Defense of Substantive Public Health Ethics
Location: Room 209, PAIS Bldg, 36 Eagle Row
Sponsor: Emory Center for Ethics; RSPH; CDC
   Angus Dawson, PhD, Professor of Public Health Ethics, U of Birmingham, UK

Feb 23
8:00 am
Talk Title TBA
Location: Rita Anne Rollins Rm, RSPH/GCR
Sponsor: SOM/ID Weekly Seminar
   Guido Silvestri, MD

Save the Date  
Mar 6
1:00 pm
Disseratation Defense: The esoto dance, circumcision practices and negative condom beliefs: A survey assessing HIV risk among the Maasai of Tanzania
(Read his Abstract)
Location: Room 2001, RSPH/CNR
Sponsor: RSPH/BSHE
   Aaron Siegler, Phd Candidate

Mar 7
6:00 pm
TB or not TB: Is that the Question?
Location: WHSCAB,
Sponsor: Vaccine Dinner Club
   Tom Evans, Chief Scientific Officer, Aeras

Mar 12,
NIH K Award Apps: Grant Writing Tutorial
Instructor: Janet Gross
Sponsor: SOM
Register: Email

Apr 4
6:00 pm
'Life in the Fast Lane': What it Takes to Facilitate Accelerated Vaccine Introduction in Developing Countries when Scientists are from Venus and Policy Makers are from Mars... Lessons from the Hib Initiative
Location: Bldg 19, CDC
Sponsor: Vaccine Dinner Club
   Rana Hajjeh, Director, Division of Bacterial Diseases, CDC/NCIRD

Apr 20
2012 Emory Research Career Fair
Location: SAAC, Clairemont Campus
Sponsor: Emory University
   Investigators seeking research staff
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Spotlight! | CFAR at Play

Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work your judgment will be surer. Go some distance away because then the work appears smaller and more of it can be taken in at a glance and a lack of harmony and proportion is more readily seen. (Leonardo Da Vinci)

Take rest; a field that has rested gives a beautiful crop. (Ovid)

CFARians are some of the hardest working people on the planet, and for good reason. Our collective raison d'etre, after all, is nothing less than to mitigate death, disease, and suffering on a global scale ... and to do that right takes a superhuman amount of focus and energy.

Which is why this week's spotlight is on ways to help ensure that all you super humans are able to SUSTAIN that focus by rejuvinating your mental and physical batteries on a brief, but regular basis.

Dance first. Think later. It's the natural order.
(Samuel Beckett)

Here are four types of dance you may never have tried, all of which are guaranteed to help make you a better scientist by giving you some down time and exercising a different part of your brain.

Two left feet? No sense of rhythm? Don't have a partner? Not a problem!! The ONLY skill that is required for any of these opportunities is being able to count to three (waltz), four (cajun), or eight (contra, english). Seriously. Rank beginners are enthusiastically welcomed and all dances are taught by people who remember being rank beginners themselves.

Contra Dance -- Ever seen one of those Jane Austin movies in which long lines of couples go forward and back while lucious music plays in the background? That is English Country Dance. Contra is what happened to ECD when it crossed the pond and got Americanized. In short, it got faster, a bit more free form, and became infused with jazz, blues, New England, Quebequois, and Southern Appalachian music. Get your Dance Trance on every Friday night.

English Country Dance -- the lovely, lyrical pool from which Contra sprung. Can be learned in 20 minutes, danced once a month in Decatur, and enjoyed for life.

Cajun / Zydeco -- Jambalaya, crawfish pie, filet gumbo ... Laissez les bons temps rouler, y'all! Travel to the Louisiana bayous one Saturday a month without ever having to leave Atlanta.

Waltz (strictly not ballroom) -- The good folks at WaltzPlay also love to do swing, one step, rumba, and cajun. Serious fun every Sunday afternoon.

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
(Berthold Auerbach)

House Concerts -- Kimbi Hagen maintains a listserv of people who enjoy getting together every once in a while for a pot luck dinner and relaxed concert by touring musicians from all over the world. Want to be on the listserv to hear when and in whose living room the next house concert will be held? Click this link and send her an email.



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The Network News is distributed to CFAR members by email every Monday. Except when it isn't.

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