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March 12-19, 2012

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  March 12-19, 2012

=Raymond Schinazi
... to Raymond Schinazi, on his induction into the Technology Hall of Fame of Georgia (ceremony to be held on March 28 at the 2012 Georgia Technology Summit). The Technology Hall of Fame was established in 1993 to recognize the achievements of individuals who have made an outsize impact in their industry and epitomize the talent and innovation that makes Georgia a top state for technology. Given that Raymond has: a) founded at least four biotech companies focusing on antiviral drug discovery and development, b) secured so many patents (think, over 90) that there is probably an entire team at the US patent bureau devoted solely to his applications, c) invented drugs taken by close to everyone in the USA who has ever been treated for HIV, and d) currently has two drugs for Hepatitis C in phase 3 trials, we'd say that the recognition is long overdue!

=Kateena Johnson

... to Kateena Johnson, an MD/PhD/MSCR student in Craig Bond's lab on her notification that she is one of only 12 nationwide recipients of a UNCF/MERCK Graduate Science Research Dissertation Fellowship!! Kateena, a student at Morehouse School of Medicine, works through the CFAR at Emory in Francois Villinger's lab and with Wendy Armstrong, who also serves on Kateena's thesis committee. Her dissertation work investigates the role of Nef in chronic activation of the innate immune system and the subsequent regulatory effects on the adaptive immune system. Her goal is increaing understanding of how the virus manipulates the interplay between the innate and adaptive immune systems, with its resulting impact on disease progression.

In other news

=CFAR at CROI 2012
... Team CFAR is back from CROI 2012 and during the meeting 21 attending investigators were able to gather for a CFAR LINCS session at the Steehead Diner in Seattle.

These include Bert Anderson, Wendy Armstrong, Danny Branstetter, Carlos del Rio, Rupali Doshi, Molly Eaton, Colleen Kelley, Krutika Kuppalli, Jeff Lennox, Vincent Marconi, Emily McIntosh, Mark Mulligan, Abeer Moanna, Igho Ofotokun*, Mirko Paiardini, David Rimland, Anandi Sheth, Guido Silvestri, Jacek Skarbinski, Neele Wetizmann*, and Ling Yue.

*Neele Weitzmann says that last year he took Igho Oftokun to a bone meeting so this was "payback time" with Igho bringing him to an HIV THAT is interdisciplinary collaboration!


...Carlos del Rio was recently featured on both CNN and ABC World News after findings from the Women's HIV Seroincidence Study (ISIS) was presented at CROI.
The NIH-funded ISIS study was headed in Atlanta by Dr. del Rio and Dr. Paula Frew.
To date, ISIS data has demonstrated that the incidence of HIV among black women in some major cities is up to five times higher than previously reported. As Carlos says: "If Washington DC was in Africa, it would be considered one of the most AIDS-affected countries on the continent. HIV is alive and well in the United States but it has become the face of the forgotten people."


... In related news, the CDC has just launched a new campaign for African-American women: "Take Charge. Take the Test."


Bulletin Board

Faculty Needed to Serve as Poster Reviewers for Medical Student Research Day 2012: Posters will be on display in the SOM Bldg Commons on April 12 from 2:30 to 3:30pm (Poster Session I) or 3:30 to 4:30pm (Poster Session II).
If you can serve as a reviewer, please email or call Michi Everett; 404.712.9962.

BACK STORY: Those of you who have been asleep since the Medical School Stone Age officially ended in August 2007 may not have known that the Emory SOM has implemented an innovative medical curriculum that leverages recent leaps and bound advances in biomedical science, connects future docs with patient patients beginning in their first year, and acknowledges the need to ground students in research best practices, not just clinical medicine.

The "Discovery Phase" of the new SOM curriculum gives students from 5 months to a year or more to engage in research in a basic science lab at Emory, the CDC, or NIH; to work on a clinical science or public health project; or to delve deeply into the medical humanities, medical anthropology, or medical sociology. The posters on display describe the most recent Discovery Phase projects so come check out the research chops of the men and women who very well might be taking care of you and your family members someday...


New Funding Opps

MAY 7 (Application deadline)
Sponsor: HRSA
Building a Medical Home for Multiply Diagnosed HIV Positive Homeless Populations--Demonstration Sites

Full List of Funding Opps



No New Funding Opps

Full List of Funding Opps


Recent Pubs
that acknowledge the CFAR grant (P30 AI050409)

Gass K, Hoff CC, Stephenson R, Sullivan PS. Sexual agreements in the partnerships of Internet-using men who have sex with men. AIDS Care. 2012 Mar 1. [Epub ahead of print]

Kalokhe AS, Paranjape A, Bell CE, Cardenas GA, Kuper T, Metsch LR, Del Rio C. Intimate Partner Violence Among HIV-Infected Crack Cocaine Users. AIDS Patient Care STDS. 2012 Feb 24. [Epub ahead of print]

Khosropour CM, Sullivan PS. Risk of disclosure of participating in an internet-based HIV behavioural risk study of men who have sex with men. J Med Ethics. 2011 Dec;37(12):768-9. Epub 2011 Jun 27.

Mayer KH, Bush T, Henry K, Overton ET, Hammer J, Richardson J, Wood K, Conley L, Papp J, Caliendo AM, Patel P, Brooks JT; SUN Investigators. Ongoing sexually transmitted disease acquisition and risk-taking behavior among US HIV-infected patients in primary care: implications for prevention interventions. Sex Transm Dis. 2012 Jan;39(1):1-7.

Wong FY, Nehl EJ, Han JJ, Huang ZJ, Wu Y, Young D, Ross MW. HIV Testing and Management: Findings from a National Sample of Asian/Pacific Islander Men Who Have Sex with Men. Public Health Rep. 2012 Mar;127(2):186-194.
Upcoming Events
Mar 12
1:00 pm
K-Club: K to R Transition
Intended Audience:
   Pediatric researchers; Peds Jr faculty and Fellows
Location: Classrooms 5-7, Egleston
Sponsor: SOM/Peds

Mar 12,
NIH K Award Apps: Grant Writing Tutorial
Instructor: Janet Gross
Sponsor: SOM
Register: Email

Mar 14
Brown Bag:
Context of Risk for HIV in Minority Men Who Have Sex with Men: Preliminary Analyses from 3 Studies

   Damien Denson, University of Illinois at Chicago
Location: Room 6001, RSPH/CNR
Sponsor: CFAR Prevention Science Core

Mar 15
The Potential Role of Interferon-alpha in the Pathogenesis of HIV-associated Neurocognitive Disorders
   William Tyor, MD
Location: Rita Anne Rollins Rm, RSPH/GCR
Sponsor: SOM/ID weekly seminar

Save the Date
Mar 30
Dissertation Defense:
Understanding HIV Transmission Risk in Married, HIV Serodiscordant Couples in Gujurat, India: The Positive Jeevan Sathi Study
Location: Room 8030, RSPH/CNR
Sponsored by: RSPH/BSHE
   Shilpa Patel

April 22
2012 Donna J. Brogan Lecture:
AIDS: Statistical Science and Public Health
Location: Klamon Room, RSPH/CNR
Sponsor: RSPH/Biostatistics; CFAR
   Ron Brookmeyer, PhD; UCLA

May 31
5th Annual Postdoctoral Research Symposium
For information, contact:
   Lisa Flowers

Spotlight! | 2nd Generation HIV/AIDS Vaccine

Rama Amara and Harriet Robinson's new prime-boost HIV vaccine is continuing to show excellent results!! As presented at CROI, the second-generation regimen includes a DNA prime that co-expresses GM-CSF, boosted with MVA.

Experimental and control animals were exposed to SIV through 12 weekly exposures six months after the last vaccination, resulting in an 87% per exposure efficacy and 70% overall protection. Over the next two years, uninfected animals were further exposed multiple times during two series, resulting in an 82% per exposure efficacy during the second series and an 84% per exposure efficacy during the third series. The really exciting news is that protection has been observed against both neutralization sensitive and neutralization resistant viruses.
Read More About It



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