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April 9-16, 2012

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  April 9-16, 2012
Hillel Cartooning for Peace

... to Raymond Schinazi, for having given back to the community TWICE in two weeks! On March 28-30 he sponsored Cartooning for Peace and Health, an extraordinary 3 day event in which award-winning editorial cartoonists from 14 countries met to discuss the impact of their work in promoting civil engagement
in world betterment. Then, on April 6, he made it possible for 117 Emory students who couldn't get home for Passover to celebrate a Passover Seder at the Hillel Center. Todah rabah, shokran jazeelan, Dr. Schinazi!!

sex::tech 2012 CFAR members Patrick Sullivan and Rob Stephenson and to CFAR affiliate members Johanna Chapin, Kevin Delaney, Jeb Jones, Alexandra Ricca, Craig Sineath, and Adam Vaughn on the interest generated by their research presentations in San Francisco last weekend at sex::tech 2012. In other news...


... The CDC has released volume 22 of the HIV Surveillance Report,
"Diagnoses of HIV Infection and AIDS in the United States and Dependent Areas, 2010."
Read the Report

Bulletin Board...

... Seeking Volunteers: for the Global Humanitarian Summit (April 13-15) on the Emory campus.
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New Funding Opps

May, Sept, Jan
standard AIDS deadlines)
Sponsor: NIAID, NIDA
Mechanistic Studies of HIV-Exposed Seronegative Individuals

SEPT 28 (App deadline)
Leadership Group for a Clinical Research Network on Therapetics for HIV/AIDS and HIV-associated Infections in Adults

Full List of Funding Opps



No New Funding Opps

Full List of Funding Opps


Recent Pubs
that acknowledge the CFAR grant (P30 AI050409)

Abduli-Ali, D, Kraft CS, Ingersoll J, Frempong M, Caliendo AM. Cytomegalovirus DNA stability in EDTA anti-coagulated whole blood and plasma samples. J Clin Virol. 2011 Nov;52(3):222-4.Epub 2011 Sep 6.

Sullivan PS, Fideli U, Wall KM, Chomba E, Vwalika C, Kilembe W, Tichacek A, Luisi N, Mulenga J, Hunter E, Boeras D, Allen S. Prevalence of seroconversion symptoms and relationship to set-point viral load: findings from a subtype C epidemic, 1995-2009. AIDS. 2012 Jan 14;26(2):175-84.

Upcoming Events
Apr 10
Pizza and a Presentation
The Global Health Challenge of Drug-Resistant TB"
Location: Auditorium, RSPH/CNR
Starring: N. Sarita Shah, MD, MPH
Sponsors: RSPH/GH & Epi

Apr 10
Brown Bag
TB, HIV and Anemia Screening in Civil Prisons, Port-au-Prince Haiti: Why Public Health Students Should Go to Jail
Location: Room 1055, RSPH/CNR
Starring: Aiden Varan & Sonya Hovsepian
Sponsor: RSPH

Apr 12
Emory Medical Student Research Day
Location: SOM, WHSCAB
Sponsor: SOM
Starring: Talmadge E. King, Jr. MD

Apr 12
Chutes and Ladders: Impact of Technology Transfer from Academia to Industry
Location: Room 130, SOM
Sponsor: Laney Graduate School
Starring: Raymond Schinazi. MD

Apr 13-14
International Conference on Human Immunity to Tuberculosis
Location: Emory Conference Center

Save the Date: New
Apr 18
CFAR Network Meeting:
The Carrier: A Film by Maggie Betts
Location: Auditorium, RSPH/CNR
Sponsored by: CFAR and The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
Click to Register

Apr 23
Global Health Action's 40th Anniversary
Location: Grand Overlook Room, Atlanta History Ctr
Starring: Dr. Paul Farmer
Sponsored by: Global Health Action
Reservation Deadline: April 13

Spotlight! | Research Match

"Research Match" was created by the CTSA at Vanderbilt University to match potential participants who are trying to find research studies with studies looking for potential participants (this might mean YOU). The service is free and is not disease-specific. Think of it as an adjunct to your other recruitment strategies ... because there are already 22,000 study-friendly people on the site, all of them hoping that your study is a match made for them in science heaven.



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