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April 23-30, 2012

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  April 23-30, 2012
Max Cooper

... to Max Cooper, who will shortly be learning the secret "Dean's Distringuished Lecture and Award" handshake from fellow club members Rafi Ahmed, Harriet Robinson, and Raymond Schinazi. Max is the most recent CFAR scientist* to be awarded the School of Medicine's most prestigious and celebratory honor... and all we can say to that news is: "What on earth took them so long?"   CFAR's own jawless-fish maven is the architect of our current understanding of the immune system and without his numerous fundamental discoveries (starting with T- and B-cells) we'd all still be wandering around in the desert trying to figure out how on earth to treat and biomedically prevent HIV.    Hip, hip, hurrah cubed for Max!!!
*There have been 8 individuals to date who have received this award ... and 50% of them are CFARians!!

Jennifer Hirsch

... to Jennifer Hirsch, on her selection as a 2012 Guggenheim Fellow for her ongoing research in how industry, commerce and cultural constructs of companionate marriage intersect with transnational migration to promote and sustain the spread of HIV. Jennifer, who is a Professor in the Mailman School of Public Health (Columbia University), began her academic career as an Asst Professor at Emory in RSPH and received her first funding in AIDS from the CFAR Developmental Core under the mentorship of Carlos del Rio. Her brilliant career suggests once again that we CFARians sure know how to identify a shooting star when we see one! BTW: The Guggenheim is one of the most celebrated fellowships in arts and humanities and Jennifer was selected from a group of over 3,000 nominees.
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In other news...
birthday cake

... April is the coolest month. ¡Feliz Cumpleanos! to Pala Frew (April 1),
Gina Wingood
(April 9), Jerry Blackwell (April 13), Jeff Lennox (April 14), Minh Nguyen (April 19), Danny Branstetter (April 26), and Ed Mocarski (April 29).



... and speaking of cool news ... CFAR Developmental Core mentee and Nef-meister Martin Shelton (Morehouse School of Medicine; Bond lab) will be defending his dissertation on April 25 (see calendar below). Another rising star!

Bulletin Board...
bulletin board ... Seeking Clinical Trial Volunteers:
Title: IMAP-1 / HPV Vaccine Study
Sponsor: Emory Vaccine and Treatment Evaluation Unit (VTEU)
Purpose: To learn more about how the HPV vaccine works and protects young women.
Reimbursement: Compensation for time and travel
Inclusion Criteria: Female, 18-30 yrs old; Not breastfeeding and no plans to become pregnant during study.
Contact: Kara Barrett, RN (404) 712-9367

New Funding Opps

May, Sept, Jan
standard AIDS deadlines)
R01, R21
Basic Research on HIV Persistence

Feb 1, Jun 1, Oct 1
Sponsor: EMCF
Grants for Grady-based faculty

May 1, 3pm (Eligibility app)
June 13, 3pm (App deadline)
Sponsor: HHMI
Investigator Competition

Full List of Funding Opps



Standard NIH deadlines
Sponsor: NIAID
K22: Career Transition Award

May 11
Sponsor: Ga Tech
International Travel Award

Full List of Funding Opps



Recent Pubs
that acknowledge the CFAR grant (P30 AI050409)

Freedman AM, Echt KV, Cooper HL, Miner KR, Parker RM. Better Learning Through Instructional Science: A Health Literacy Case Study in "How to Teach So Learners Can Learn. Health Promot Pract. 2012 Mar 27. [Epub ahead of print].

Kraft CS, Basu D, Hawkins PA, Hraber PT, Chomba E, Mulenga J, Kilembe W, Khu NH, Derdeyn CA, Allen SA, Manigart O, Hunter E. Timing and source of subtype-C HIV-1 superinfection in the newly infected partner of Zambian couples with disparate viruses. Retrovirology. 2012 Mar 20:9(1):22 [Epub ahead of print].

Pouget ER, Friedman SR, Cleland CM, Tempalski B, Cooper HL. Estimates of the Population Prevalence of Injection Drug Users among Hispanic Residents of Large US Metropolitan Areas. J Urban Health. 2012 Mar 13. [Epub ahead of print].

Rasmussen RA, Siddappa NB, Lakhashe SK, Watkins J, Villinger F, Ibegbu C, Florese RH, Robert-Guroff M, Montefiori DC, Forthal DN, O’Connor D, Ruprecht RM. Clade C Program Project Group. “High-level, lasting antiviral immunity induced by a bimodal AIDS vaccine and bosted by live-virus exposure: prevention of viremia. AIDS. 2012 Jan 14;26(2):149-55.

Upcoming Events
Apr 23
Donna J. Brogan Lecture in Biostatistics
AIDS: Statistical Science and Public Health
Location: Klamon Room, RSPH/CNR
Starring: Ron Brookmeyer, PhD

Apr 24
Brown Bag
Tissue-resident memory T cells in mice and humans
Location: Whitehead Auditorium
Starring: Donna L. Farber, PhD
Sponsor: IMP Seminar Series

Apr 25
Dissertation Defense
HIV-1 Nef Secretion Modification Region binds cellular proteins involved in exNef secretion
Location: Room G-14, Multidisciplinary Research Ctr,
   Morehouse SoM
Starring: Martin N. Shelton, PhD Candidate
Supervisor: Vincent C. Bond

Apr 25
HIV/STI Capstone Presentations
Six 30-minute Presentations
Location: Room 115, RSPH/GCR
Sponsor: RSPH/BSHE

Apr 26
ID Weekly Seminar
Adjuvanted DNA/MVA HIV Vaccines
Location: Rita Anne Rollins Rm; RSPH/GCR
Starring: Rama Amara, PhD
Sponsor: SOM/Med/ID

Apr 27
Faculty Candidate Seminar
Regulation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis-specific T cell immunity in HIV-infected and uninfected adults with tuberculosis in South Africa
Location: Bourne Seminar Room, Yerkes/EVC
Starring: Cheryl Day, PhD
Sponsor: Yerkes/M&I

Save the Date: New
May 3
Late Reg. Deadline
XIX International AIDS Conference
Location: Washington, DC
Dates: July 22-27

May 3
Early Reg. Deadline
AIDS Vaccine 2012
Location: Boston
Dates: September 9-12

May 3
Seeking & Obtaining Private Funding for Research
Location: Room 130, SOM
Target audience: Postdocs, Residents, Faculty
spotlight spotlight

Spotlight! | Vote for a Rising Star!

Alfred Bere, a post-doc in Eric Hunter's lab wants your vote.

Grand Challenges Canada: Rising Stars in Global Health is an organization funded by Canada's foreign aid budget. Its purpose is to fund research that uses Integrated Innovation to address some of the most difficult global health issues. Canada is the first country in the world to adopt a grand challenges approach to foreign aid.

Alfred's proposal is for a program to develop an affordable, reliable, handheld point-of-care (POC) CD4 T cell count device that does not depend on electricity. The project would be conducted through the University of Zimbabwe.

Unlike most research applications, proposals for this mechanism must include a 2 minute video that summarizes the idea -- See Alfred's video here.

If you want to vote for Alfred's video:

  • Watch the video
  • Click on the red link that says "Register to Like this Application"
  • Follow the instructions to sign up to vote (only one vote per email address)
  • Click the link and watch the counter next to "Thumbs up for this video" increase by one.


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