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June 4 - 18, 2012

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  June 4-18, 2012

Aftab Tab Ansari on having received a supplemental award of $1.5M to hisgrant on the role of innate immunity in SIV infected macaques (5R01AI078773-04). But wait, there's more! Tab also recently scored a new R01 totaling $7.2M over 5 years to study Gut Homing cells in SIV infection (1R01AI098628-01A1). Way to go Tab! The next round is on you buddy. :-)

AIDS the AV200 Bike Ride Awardees including Gaduate Students
Ankita Chowdhury
and Jessica Prince and Post-Doctoral Fellows
Ravi Dyavar
, Luca Micci, and Peng Xiao. The AV200 ride raised a record smashing $270K this year, pushing the total-to-date donated to the Vaccine Center by Action Cycling to nearly $1.3M. Booya!

In other news...

Happy Birthday... to Ralph DiClemente, (May 30), Joel Saltz (June 4), Brent Johnson (June 9) and Sushma Cribbs & Jyothi Rengarajan (June 18 twins-separated-at-birth).

God danced the day you were born. The angels did the bump to Gabriel’s horn. God danced the day you were born...So grateful for the gift of you.


... an article in which Carlos del Rio was an author (confirming fears that the recombinant adenovirus HIV vaccine used in the STEP study did, in fact, at least temporarily increase actual risk for HIV aquisition among men who were uncircumcised and/or Ad5 seropositive -- see 22561365) has been picked up by the New York Times. Bulletin Board...
bulletin board

... Wanted: Emory faculty, staff, and students to watch Dean Lawley eat popcorn.
June 15th is Tom Lawley Night at the Ted as the Braves (29-25) take on the Baltimore Orioles (30-24). The game starts at 7:35, fireworks to follow. Interested? Tickets can be purchased at the SOM, Rm P375 (Welcome Center), 8:30am-4:30pm, M-F.


New Funding Opps

Sponsor: PCORI
Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)

Jun 15 (App)
Sponsor: CCHI / EVC
Pilot Research Projects in Human Immunology

Note: HIV is excluded but TB and drug-resistant TB are included



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Full List of Funding Opps



Recent Pubs
that acknowledge the CFAR grant (P30 AI050409)

Cooper H, Des Jarlais D, Ross Z, Tempalski B, Bossak BH, Friedman SR. Spatial Access to Sterile Syringes and the Odds of Injecting with an Unsterile Syringe among Injectors: A Longitudinal Multilevel Study. J Urban Health. 2012 May 15 [Epub ahead of print].

PLoS ONE journal.pone.003760
de Voux A, Spaulding AC, Beckwith C, Avery A, Williams C, et al. (2012) Early Identification of HIV: Empirical Support for Jail-Based Screening. PLoS ONE 7(5): e37603. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0037603.


Upcoming Events

Jun 6 or 13
For applicants interested in applying for
Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) grants

See funding opps
Pre-registration required

Jun 8, 15, 22
9-11 am
Grant Writing Tutorial
Target Audience: Post-docs applying for an NRSA F32
To register: Contact Janet Gross

Save the Date: New
Sep 19-20

CFAR Conference
Joint Symposium on HIV Research in Women
Location: Providence, RI
Abstracts deadline: June 15


Spotlight! | National HIV/AIDS Strategy

National AIDS Strategy logoCan we afford to do what it takes to meet the HIV incidence and transmission reduction goals of the National HIV/AIDS strategy? Can we afford NOT to? Inquiring minds want to know.

Former CFAR@Emory investigator David Holtgrave has recently published a paper in AIDS Behavior in which three key policy questions are explored: 1) Is it still epidemiologically feasible to meet the HIV reduction goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy by 2015? 2) if it is, what costs will be incurred and will the investment be cost-effective? and 3) Would substantial expansion of prevention services for people with HIV augment the other strategies outlined in the NHAS in terms of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness? Want to read what they found? Check it out.


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