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November 19-26, 2012

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November 19-26, 2012
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"An optimist is a person who starts a new diet on Thanksgiving Day."
Irv Kupcinet

"The UMass Cranberry Health Research Center is completely missing the boat. They want people to research the effects of cranberries on human health when the real question is why dining room tables all across America become a take-no-prisoners battleground on the 4th Thursday of every November over the issue of whether cranberry sauce should be chunky and full of fresh berries or jiggly, gelatinous, and delivered to the table still in the shape of the can it came in."
Kimbi Hagen

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Charles Carpenter

. . . to Charles Carpenter, Director of the Lifespan/Tufts/Brown CFAR on receiving the IAS–USA Lifetime of Leadership Award. Charles was given the award on November 8 at the national CFAR meeting in San Francisco in recognition of his outstanding impact on the fields of global health, HIV medicine, and research.
Read more about it.

Chris Larsen

. . . to Chris Larsen on being named as Tom Lawley's successor as Dean of the School of Medicine, effective January 15, 2013.
Read more about it.

The Future Files

. . . to the Georgia Research Alliance for their show "The Future Files" currently available on GBP online. The first episode, “Pandemic Threat,” covers influenza and features cameos of
Ralph Tripp
, Mark Praunitz, Rafi Ahmed and the Hope Clinic.
Watch the first episode: "Pandemic Threat"

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Happy Birthday

... to Craig Bond (November 17), Rafi Ahmed (November 19), Paul Spearman and (November 21)

For all the advances in medicine, there is still no cure for the common birthday. - John Glenn


IAS–USA has released webcasts of their full-day courses, "Management of Hepatitis C Virus in the New Era: Small Molecules Bring Big Changes" (Atlanta - 10/23/12) and "An Advanced CME Course in HIV Pathogenesis, Antiretrovirals, and Other Selected Issues in HIV Disease Management" (New York - 10/03/12)
Watch the webcasts


The CDC Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention has released a new MMWR: Integrated Prevention Services for HIV Infection, Viral Hepatitis, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and Tuberculosis for Persons Who Use Drugs Illicitly: Summary Guidance from CDC and the HHS.
Read the MMWR

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Study Subjects Wanted: IMAP Study
CFAR Members Kevin Ault and Julia Painter are recruiting women for the “Immune Memory after Papillomavirus Vaccination” (IMAP) Study. They are seeking particpants who are age 18-30; have had 2 HPV vaccine shots, at least 6 months ago; are willing to get a third HPV shot to complete the series; and are willing to come for one study visit and have blood drawn. Participants will be reimbursed $75 for time and travel.
Download the study flyer

Position Sought:
by Michelle Sturgis, BS, MPH. Michelle's 1 year contract at the CDC has ended and she is on the hunt for another position as an epidemiologist or laboratorian. She has diverse public health experience at the state and Federal level and extensive research skills in conducting projects both domestically and with an international focus. She is proficient in managing large, complex data sets and has trained graduate and undergraduate students in molecular and cellular techniques.
Download her CV.

Tenured or Tenure-Track Faculty Member Wanted: Baylor College of Medicine
The Baylor CFAR has notified us that they are advertising that their Department of Molecular Virology and Microbiology is inviting applications for a faculty position in HIV pathogenesis, HIV-related malignancies, or HIV immunology. Preference will be given to applicants with an established research program.
Read more about it


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New Funding Opps








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Recent Pubs
that acknowledge the CFAR grant (P30 AI050409)

Cho, Jong Hyun; Coats, Steven J; Schinazi, Raymond F.
Efficient Synthesis of Exo-N-carbamoyl Nucleosides: Application to the Synthesis of Phosphoramidate Prodrugs.
Organic letters. 2012 May 3

Chu, Hin; Wang, Jaang-Jiun; Qi, Mingli; Yoon, Jeong-Joong; Wen, Xiaoyun; Chen, Xuemin; Ding, Lingmei; Spearman, Paul.
The intracellular virus-containing compartments in primary human macrophages are largely inaccessible to antibodies and small molecules.
PloS one. 2012; 7 (5) e35297
Full Text

Costantini, Veronica P; Whitaker, Tony; Barclay, Leslie; Lee, David; McBrayer, Tamara R; Schinazi, Raymond F; Vinje, Jan.
Antiviral activity of nucleoside analogues against norovirus.
Antiviral therapy. 2012; 17 (6) 981-91

de Voux, Alex; Spaulding, Anne C; Beckwith, Curt; Avery, Ann; Williams, Chyvette; Messina, Lauren C; Ball, Sarah; Altice, Frederick L.
Early identification of HIV: empirical support for jail-based screening.
PloS one. 2012; 7 (5) e37603.
Full Text

Eckard, Allison Ross; Judd, Suzanne E; Ziegler, Thomas R; Camacho-Gonzalez, Andres F; Fitzpatrick, Anne M; Hadley, Graham R; Grossmann, Ruth E; Seaton, LaTeshia; Seydafkan, Shabnam; Mulligan, Mark J; Rimann, Nayoka; Tangpricha, Vin; McComsey, Grace A.
Risk factors for vitamin D deficiency and relationship with cardiac biomarkers, inflammation and immune restoration in HIV-infected youth.
Antiviral therapy. 2012; 17 (6) 1069-78

Jewkes, Rachel; Nduna, Mzikazi; Jama Shai, Nwabisa; Dunkle, Kristin.
Prospective study of rape perpetration by young South African men: incidence & risk factors.
PloS one. 2012; 7 (5) e38210
Full Text

Porter, Kristi M; Sutliff, Roy L.
HIV-1, reactive oxygen species, and vascular complications.
Free radical biology & medicine. 2012 Jul 1; 53 (1) 143-59

Siegler, Aaron J; Mbwambo, Jessie K; McCarty, Frances A; DiClemente, Ralph J.
Condoms "contain worms" and "cause HIV" in Tanzania: Negative Condom Beliefs Scale development and implications for HIV prevention.
Social science & medicine (1982). 2012 Nov; 75 (9) 1685-91

Sohl, Christal D; Kasiviswanathan, Rajesh; Kim, Jiae; Pradere, Ugo; Schinazi, Raymond F; Copeland, William C; Mitsuya, Hiroaki; Baba, Masanori; Anderson, Karen S.
Balancing antiviral potency and host toxicity: identifying a nucleotide inhibitor with an optimal kinetic phenotype for HIV-1 reverse transcriptase.
Molecular pharmacology. 2012 Jul; 82 (1) 125-33

calendar Upcoming Events
November 22
Give thanks for the advances we have made in HIV Prevention, Care, and Treatment.
Location: Your House

November 26
Worlds AIDS Week Event
Lunch n' Learn
Personal Experience Panel
Starring: Nursing faculty and students with work and/or
    volunteer experience in HIV/AIDS.
Dessert will be provided
Sponsor: SON
Location: Rm 201 SON

November 27
Worlds AIDS Week Event
Lunch n' Learn
Combating HIV Intracellularly Using Novel Ankyrin and Zinc Finger Scaffolds
Starring: Professor Chatchai Tayapiwatana
    Division of Clinical Immunology
    Chiang Mai University, Thailand
Refreshments will be provided
Location: Bourne Seminar Room, Yerkes


calendar Farther Down the Road
2013 Keystone Symposia
December deadlines

November 29
Worlds AIDS Week Event
Lunch n' Learn
Healthy Love program by SisterLove
Pizza Provided
Sponsor: SON
Location: Rm 201 SON

November 30
Worlds AIDS Week Event
Lunch n' Learn
PLWHA panel. Personal perspectives, reflections, and realities from those infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS.
Southern soul food provided
Sponsor: SON
Location: Rm 201 SON

November 30
Worlds AIDS Week Event
Stick around to Know your Status

Onsite HIV testing
Sponsors: SON; Victory over HIV Ministry
Location: Public Health/SON roundabout

November 30
Worlds AIDS Week Event
Wine and Cheese Fundraiser

Sponsor: SON
Location: Rm 101, SON

November 30
Worlds AIDS Week Event
"The Carrier"

A STUNNING movie about live with HIV in Africa Sponsor: SON
Location: Rm 101, SON

December 1
10:00 - 3:00
Worlds AIDS Week Event
Action Cycling 31-mile Ride

Thirty-one miles, 31 years of HIV/AIDS in America.
Sponsor: Action Cycling, CFAR
Location: Stars and ends at Leon's Full Service
131 East Ponce De Leon Avenue Decatur, 30030
For more information call Greg Shoemake at
404.954.CYCL (2925)

December 1
Abstract Deadline
Int. Mtg on Infectious Diseases and Surveillance
(IMED 2013)

Conference Date: February 15-18
Location: Vienna, Austria
Conference Website

December 3
Vaccine Dinner Club
Unvaccinated: The Strange and Rather Surprising History of Vaccine Exemptions
Starring: Paul Offit, MD
    Director, Vaccine Education Center
    Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
No admittance without Pre-registration

December 4
11th Annual Donald Schaffner, M.D. Conference
Communicating Vaccine Science to the Public
Starring: Paul Offit, MD
    Director, Vaccine Education Center
    Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Location: Scottish Rite Hospital, Main Auditorium
    1001 Johnson Ferry Road N.E.
    Atlanta, 30342
No admittance without Pre-registration


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Spotlight! | CDC

EHAP Web Updates

New items were recently added to the Web site.

New Factsheet: The Care and Prevention in the United States (CAPUS) Demonstration Project
CAPUS is a 3-year cross-agency demonstration project to reduce HIV and AIDS-related morbidity and mortality among racial and ethnic minorities living in the United States.

MMWR: Geographic Differences in HIV Infection Among Hispanics or Latinos — 46 States and Puerto Rico, 2010
In 2010, new diagnoses of HIV infection among Hispanics or Latinos occurred at an annual rate that was 2.8 times that of non-Hispanic whites. This report analyzes the geographic distribution and characteristics of those diagnosedof among new diagnoses in 2010 in 46 states and Puerto Rico.

New Report: HIV Testing at CDC-Funded Sites, United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, 2010
CDC-funded HIV testing services are monitored with data reported by grantees in through annual progress reports (APRs) and at the individual test level through the National HIV Prevention Program Monitoring and Evaluation (NHME) system. This report includes data from all health departments for five program announcements, but primarily focuses on NHME test-level data.


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