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September 16-23, 2013

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September 16-23, 2013
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Without Imagination, Science is Pointless. Without Science, Imagination is Futile.
-Kimbi Hagen

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Georgia Golden Olympics    

... to Marcia Holstad on being selected to compete in the Georgia Golden Olympics this week. Marcia is a blazingly fast swimmer who will be competing in the 50 meter (freestyle, breast stroke, and back stroke) AND the 100 meter (breast stroke).

     HIV Medical Assn logo

... to Carlos del Rio on being elected Vice Chair of the HIV Medicine Association (HIVMA) Board of Directors! Carlos' four-year term will officially begin following IDWeek 2013.

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Happy Birthday

... to Jim Curran and Frank Wong (September 16), Selwyn Hurwitz (September 18), Kirk Easley (September 20), Rana Chakraborty (September 22), and Kate Winskell (September 23).

I think, at a child's birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful possible gift, that gift would be curiosity.
(Eleanor Roosevelt)
May your own curiosity blaze ever bright!

     Guido Silvestri

More Monkey Business ... Guido Silvestri has just been awarded a new R24 from NIH for "Transcriptome Resources for Comparative Primate Models of Lentivirus Infection" (1R24 OD010445-01A1)
Read the Abstract

Hank Blumberg    

Breathe Easy ... Hank Blumberg has received five years of funding for a new "Ethiopia-Emory TB Reserach Training Program" (1D43 TW009127-01A1) that will help improve the research, treatment and control of TB in a country with an extremely high rate of HIV/TB coinfection.
Read the Abstract

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Don't Forget... Almost all* NIH applications being submitted after September 25 must use a Forms-C package.
*The transition does not yet include all K, T, D, and F apps.
Read a Summary of the Forms-C Changes

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But Wait.. There's More!
Cayuse 424 is not yet ready to accommodate multi-project applications. So any Emory investigator wishing to submit a P01, P20, P2C, P50, U19, U2C, R24, or U24 application must prepare the application using the ASSIST system. OSP will then work with the PI and his/her department for the actual submission of the proposal. (EPEX routing requirements will not be affected, regardless of the submission system used for any proposal.)
Check out the NIH timeline for transitioning multi-project mechanisms to E-submission

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bulletin board

Same Sex Couples Sought for Research: Project SHARe
Same-sex couples in the Atlanta area are being recruited for a study of Stress, Health, and Relationsips (SHARe).
Read More About It
Check out the eligibility criteria

Movie Goers Wanted: "No Evidence of Disease"
As of this afternoon, we only need 18 more ticket reservations to make the September 30th screening of No Evidence of Disease happen in Atlanta. The ticket reservation deadline is SEPTEMBER 23rd, only 7 days away!

From the website: "Below the belt cancers and a below the radar cause are thrust into the limelight as N.E.D. or No Evidence of Disease, a rock band of six GYN surgeons, put the plight of their patients center stage in this riveting story of women fighting for their lives."
Read More About It and Reserve a Ticket

Young Black Men Sought for Research: Dating Phone Apps and Relationships
This study is researching the dating and sexual experiences of young Black men who are between the ages of 18 and 24 years, endorse sex with men, and regularly use dating phone apps to seek partners.
Read the Consent Form

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Funding Opps

October 1 (LOI)
Sponsor: CFAR

November 6 (App)
Sponsor: NIDA
FY14 NIDA Avant-Garde Award Program for HIV/AIDS Research

NEW: November 12 (App)
Sponsor: Gates Foundation
Grand Challenge
Round 12

NEW: January 7 (App)
Sustained Release of Antivirals for Treatment or Prevention of HIV (SRATP)



October 1 (App)
Sponsor: PhRMA Foundation
Adherence Improvement Young Investigator Grant Program
Pre/Post Doctoral Fellowship Award

October 1 (App)
Sponsor: Life Science Research Foundation
Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

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Recent Pubs
that acknowledge the CFAR grant
(P30 AI050409)

Sullivan PS, White D, Rosenberg ES, Barnes J, Jones J, Dasgupta S, O'Hara B, Scales L, Salazar LF, Wingood G, Diclemente R, Wall KM, Hoff C, Grazter B, Allen S, Stephenson R. Safety and Acceptability of Couples HIV Testing and Counseling for US Men Who Have Sex with Men: A Randomized Prevention Study.
J Int Assoc Provid AIDS Care. 2013 Aug 30. [Epub ahead of print]

Brown, C Hendricks; Mohr, David C; Gallo, Carlos G; Mader, Christopher; Palinkas, Lawrence; Wingood, Gina; Prado, Guillermo; Kellam, Sheppard G; Pantin, Hilda; Poduska, Jeanne; Gibbons, Robert; McManus, John; Ogihara, Mitsunori; Valente, Thomas; Wulczyn, Fred; Czaja, Sara; Sutcliffe, Geoff; Villamar, Juan; Jacobs, Christopher. A computational future for preventing HIV in minority communities: how advanced technology can improve implementation of effective programs.
Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes (1999). 2013 Jun 1; 63 Suppl 1 S72-84.

Cooper, Hannah; Des Jarlais, Don; Ross, Zev; Tempalski, Barbara; Bossak, Brian H; Friedman, Samuel R. Spatial access to sterile syringes and the odds of injecting with an unsterile syringe among injectors: a longitudinal multilevel study.
Journal of urban health : bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine. 2012 Aug; 89 (4) 678-96

Hurwitz, Selwyn J; Schinazi, Raymond F. Practical Considerations For Developing Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors.
Drug discovery today. Technologies. 2012; 9 (3) e183-e193.

Johnson, Brent A; Ribaudo, Heather; Gulick, Roy M; Eron Jr, Joseph J. Modeling clinical endpoints as a function of time of switch to second-line ART with incomplete data on switching times.
Biometrics. 2013 Jul 17.

Nehl, Eric J; He, Na; Wang, Xiaodong; Lin, Lavinia; Wong, Frank Y; Yu, Fan. Feasibility and willingness of using e-technologies for HIV prevention and research targeting Chinese MSM.
AIDS care. 2013; 25 (7) 926-30

Calendar Upcoming Events
September 17
IMP Seminar
Memory CD8 T cells: Quantiy, Quality, and Location
   David Masopust

   University of Minnesota
Location: Whitehead Aud.

September 18
HOPE Webinar
Consumed by Consumption: TB Infection Control in HIV Endemic Settings
Starring: Dr. Jason E. Farley
   John Hopkins
Focus: Nurses
Sponsor: Harvard CFAR
Information: HOPE Conference Website
To Attend Webinar: Click this link on 9/18

September 18
12:00 - 1:00pm
4th Annual James Reed Lectureship
Building a Healthy Nation: Integrating Primary Care in Efforts to Eliminate Health Disparities
   John Ruffin
   Director, National Institute on Minority Health
   and Health Disparities
Location: NCPC Louis Sullivan Auditorium,
   Morehouse School of Medicine
Read More About It

September 18
1:00 - 2:30pm
Significance of Affordable Care Act in African American Communities
Sponsored by: Harvard CFAR, Black AIDS Institute
Read More About It

September 19
M&I Seminar
Target Cell Restriction in SIV Transmission, Pathogenesis, and Eradication
Starring: Amitinder Kaur
Location: Bourne Seminar Room, Yerkes

September 19
8:00 - 9:00am
ID Seminar
Metabolic Complications of HIV and its Treatment
Starring: Pablo Tebas (Penn)
Location: Rita Anne Rollins Room, RSPH/GCR 8th Floor

September 19
5:30 - 8:00pm
CFAR Network Pizza Party
Results of a Phase 1 Gene Therapy Study Using Zn Finger Nucleases for the Treatment of HIV

Starring: Pablo Tebas (Penn)
Location: Rm 1000, RSPH/CNR
Register to Attend

Calendar Farther Down the Road
2013-2014 Keystone Symposia
Drug Discovery
Infectious Diseases
Structural Biology

September 24
HOPE Webinar
Depression in HIV/AIDS
Starring: Dr. Oliver Freudenreich
Focus: Physicians
Sponsor: Harvard CFAR
Information: HOPE Conference Website
To Attend Webinar: Click this link on 9/24

September 24
8:00 - 4:30pm
Hepatitis C (HCV) Infection Course
Location: Georgia Tech Global Learning Center
View the Agenda
Register to Attend

September 25
Google+ Hangout
National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
Participants will share knowledge on these topics:
• The latest HIV testing strategy for couples
• PrEP for HIV prevention
• The Reasons/Razones campaign for Hispanic/Latino gay and bisexual men
Viewable Live on CDC’s YouTube Channel

September 27
9:00 - 4:00pm
AACAMH Conference
Building Workforce Competency:
Understanding Substance Use/Misuse in Older Adults

Location: Atlanta Community Food Bank
View the Flyer
Register to Attend


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Spotlight! | Helping International Students

     Globe of Flags

Five Tips for Helping Your International Students

Remember that many references (to sports, TV, movies, etc) may not be understood by international students.

Keep in mind that one of the biggest challenges for non-native English speakers is to participate actively in small and large group conversations. Anything you can do to help your domestic students be sensitive to that would be helpful as well.

Support students' aural comprehension through the use of visuals whenever possible, such as diagrams, photos, maps, etc.

Be aware of how fast you are speaking during lectures and stay attuned to whether or not students appear to be following the discussion.

Provide models for writing assignments.

Thanks! Shukran! Dhanyavad! Arigato!

Provided by Holly Patrick, MS
International Student Program Associate
Office of Admission and Student Services
Rollins School of Public Health


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