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March 3-10, 2014

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March 3-10, 2014
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"It’s a pandemic, and there is an urgent need for cheap, effective, user-friendly anti-HCV oral drugs that can be given to the sickest and poorest people in the world. We have a moral obligation to do something about it as quickly as possible."
-Raymond Schinazi

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... to Erica Johnson for winning the Best Abstract award at HIV Science 2014 (Chennai, India) in January. Erica is receiving her award from Francois Barre-Sinoussi, winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize for isolating HIV. Also in the picture are Jack Whitescarver, Director of the NIH Office of AIDS Research, and Suniti Solomon – organizer of the conference and India's most eminent HIV provider and investigator. Other authors on the abstract are CFAR's Hin Chu, Sid Byrareddy, Paul Spearman, and Rana Chakraborty.
Read Erica's award winning abstract

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... to NIH/NIAID and NIH/NIMH for releasing so many new HIV/AIDS-related funding opportunities (see New Listings sections in Funding Opps below) and for increasing the scope of previous ones. Of particular note is a significant expansion of the scientific scope of "Targeting Persistent HIV Reservoirs" to now allow for basic research into the cellular and molecular mechanisms of HIV latency and persistence. Turnaround time to take advantage of this expanded opportunity is short though. LOI deadline: March 25, Application deadline: April 25, 2014.
Read a summary of the specific changes / expansions to PAR-12-109
Read the complete RFA.

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Happy Birthday

... to Bill Lewis (March 7) and Effie Bartley (March 8).

The year you were born only marks your entry into the world. The years where you prove your worth, they are the ones worth celebrating."
― Jarod Kintz

     CROI 2014

... Twenty seven CFARians will be representing the research of 60 CFAR investigators at CROI this week. This includes 9 orals, 28 posters and a lot of VERY exciting science.
Here's a "CFAR Does CROI" guide to help you get around

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... Andy Riess, Assistant Director of outreach for the Fulbright Scholar Program will conduct a workshop (March 3, 2:30–4:00pm, Math & Science Center Room E208) for Emory faculty on applying for Fulbright grants. The workshop will cover teaching and research opportunities in more than 125 countries, tips on preparing your application, opportunities to host visiting Fulbright scholars at Emory, and advice on making contacts abroad. The deadline for applications to the 2015-2016 Fulbright Scholar Program is August 1.
Register to Attend

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Employment Sought: Lab Assistant
Katelyn Sturdivant is seeking a position as a lab assistant. She has skills in JMP/JMP Genomics, GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) and CITI certifications in biomedical investigation and good clinical practice.
Katelyn's CV

LGBTQ, Transgender, Latino/Latina Individuals Wanted: JPPG
The City of Atlanta (Fulton/DeKalb Counties) Jurisdictional HIV Prevention Planning Group (JPPG) is looking for new members who can assist in maintaining a qualified and diverse planning group reflective of the HIV epidemic in Fulton and DeKalb counties. JPPG membership is contingent on being present at six half-day plenary meetings a year and on serving on at least one JPPG sub-committee.
JPPG brochure
Application (Deadline: March 31).

Virologically Supressed HIV+ Study Participants Wanted: Ponce Clinic
The purpose of this study is to evaluate safety and to determine whether E/C/F/TAF STR plus Darunavir (DRV) is effective against HIV-1 in subjects on current antiretroviral regimens (ARV) in virologically suppressed, HIV-1 positive subjects.
Study Flier

HIV- Female Study Participants Wanted: Ponce Clinic
Ameeta Kalokhe is seeking HIV negative study participants who have, in the last 5 years, met one or more of the following criteria: Used IV drugs, cocaine, crack, or meth | Had an STI | Had unprotected sex with more than 4 men | Had protected sex with more than 6 men | Had sex with a known HIV+ man | Had sex in exchange for drugs, money, or shelter | Been with a partner that meets any of the above criteria.
Study Flier

Elite Controller Study Participants Wanted: Ponce Clinic
Seeking HIV+ men and women who are naturally controlling their virus, in order to study the effects and potential benefit of ART in this population. The study is a prospective, single-arm, open-label study to evaluate the effect of fixed-dose Emtricitabine/Rilpivirine/Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate on T-cell activation, absolute CD4+ T-Cell count, inflammatory biomarkers and viral reservoir in treatment-naïve HIV-1 controllers [ACTG A5308].
Study Flier

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Funding Opps


Sponsor: NIMH, NIAID
Strengthening Adherence to Antiretroviral-Based HIV Treatment and Prevention

Sponsor: NIMH, NIAID
Targeted Basic Behavioral and Social Science and Intervention Development for HIV Prevention and Care

Sponsor: NIMH, NIAID
Improving Delivery of HIV Prevention and Treatment through Implementation Science and Translational Research

Sponsor: NIMH, NIAID
Accelerating Improvements in the HIV Care Continuum

Sponsor: NIMH, NIAID
Advancing Structural Level Interventions Through Enhanced Understanding of Social Determinants in HIV Prevention and Care


March 25 (LOI)
Sponsor: NIAID
R21 / R33
Targeting Persistent HIV Reservoirs (TaPHIR)

July 15 (App)
Sponsor: NIAID
Integrated Preclinical/Clinical AIDS Vaccine Development Program (IPCAVD)

September 30 (Closing Date)
Sponsor: DoD
Cooperative Agreement
Military Specific HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care, and Treatment Program for non-PEPFAR Funded Countries


Sponsor: NCI
Research on Malignancies in the Context of HIV/AIDS

Sponsor: NIDA, NIAAA
Substance Use and Abuse, Risky Decision Making and HIV/AIDS

Sponsor: Multiple Institutes
HIV Infection of the Central Nervous System

Sponsor: Multiple Institutes
Eradication of HIV-1 from Central Nervous System Reservoirs

Sponsor: Multiple Institutes
Innovative Technologies and Assays in Support of HIV Cure Research (ITAS-Cure)


March 14 (Deadline)
Sponsor: Multiple NIH Institutes
RFI: Request for Information
Areas of Research Aimed at a Cure or Lifelong Remission of HIV Infection

April 21 (App)
Sponsor: NIAAA
Research on Comparative Effectiveness and Implementation of HIV/AIDS and Alcohol Interventions

July 28 (App)
Beyond HAART: Innovative Approaches to Cure HIV-1

July 29 (App)
Sponsor: NIDA
NIDA Avant-Garde Award Program for HIV/AIDS and Drug Use Research

July 31 (App)
Sponsor: NIDA
Advancing Exceptional Research on HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse

Aug 22 (App)
Sponsor: NIAID
International Research in Infectious Diseases, including AIDS


Calendar Upcoming Events
March 3
Vaccine Dinner Club:
What to Expect (from Vaccines) When You are Expecting: The Promise of Maternal Immunization
Starring: Saad Omer
Pre-registration required

March 3-6
CROI 2014: Conference
Location: Boston, MA

March 4
Movie Screening
13%: Start the Conversation
Location: RSPH/CNR Auditorium
More Information

March 6
ID Seminar
Title: TBA
Starring: David Steinhauer
Location: RSPH/GCR/Rita Anne Rollins Rm

March 6-7
8:00am - 5:00pm
HIV Counseling and Testing Training
Registration for this program maxed out almost right away. To indicate interest in a future training, contact Mercedes Wilkinson

Calendar Farther Down the Road
2013-2014 Keystone Symposia
Drug Discovery
Infectious Diseases
Structural Biology

March 18
2014 CFAR Science Symposium
HIV: It's Complicated
See "Spotlight" below

March 21
Abstract Submission Deadline
7th Annual Postdoc Research Symposium
More Information
Sample Abstract

March 24
6:00 - 8:00pm
MSM Advisory Group Meeting
Location: Evolution Project (583 Juniper St)
Sponsor: Jurisdictional HIV Prevention Planning Group

March 25
12:30 - 2:00pm
Transgender Community Advisory Group Meeting
Location: Phillips Rush Center (1530 DeKalb Ave, Ste A)
Sponsor: Jurisdictional HIV Prevention Planning Group

March 27
6:00 - 8:00pm
African American Community Advisory Group Meeting
Location: Greater Piney Grove Baptist (1879 Glenwood Ave SE)
Sponsor: Jurisdictional HIV Prevention Planning Group

March 31
12:30 - 5:30pm
HCV Workshop:
An Intensive Workshop on Evolving Strategies in Viral Hepatitis Management
More Information / Registration

April 1
22nd Annual IAS-USA Atlanta HIV Course:
Improving the Management of HIV Disease
Location: Cobb Galleria Centre
Co-Chairs: Jeff Lennox and Mike Saag
Register Now

April 2-5
16th ICID:
International Congress on Infectious Disease
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
President: Keith Klugman
Scientific Sessions
Registration Information

April 3
9:00am - 1:00pm
Jurisdictional HIV Prevention Planning Group
Location: Loudermilk Center (40 Courtland St NE)

April 23-26
35th Annual Meeting: Society of Behavioral Medicine
Location: Philadelphia
Registration (Early bird deadine: March 25)


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Spotlight! | 2014 CFAR Science Symposium

Click Here for Full Agenda

March 18, 2014
8th Floor, Claudia Nance Rollins Building


Wendy Armstrong (Emory)
Why it Really Isn’t the ‘End of AIDS’

Hannah Cooper (Emory)
Public Housing Relocations and HIV Risk Among High-risk Relocating Adults

Sarah Holte (University of Washington)
Statistical Challenges and Solutions to Complexity in Observational Studies of HIV-1 Infection: How to get a Significant P-value when Standard Approaches Fail to Produce One

Mike Lederman (Case Western Reserve)
Residual Immune Dysregulation in Treated HIV Infection

David Markovitz (University of Michigan)
Molecular Engineering of an Anti-HIV Lectin: Blocking Entry While Limiting the Damage

John Mascola (NIH/NIAID)
Immunological Pathways for Development of HIV-1 Neutralizing Antibodies

Greg Melikian (Emory)
Zooming in on HIV-1 Entry: It’s Complicated

Jonathan Mermin (CDC)
HIV Prevention Today: What are the Unanswered Questions?

Mirko Paiardini (Emory)
Interleukin-21 Reduces Residual Immune Activation in ART-suppressed SIV-infected Macaques by Restoring Intestinal Th17 and Th22 Cells

Bali Pulendran (Emory)
Dissecting the Complexity of the Immune Response to Vaccines through Systems Biology

Click Here for Full Agenda

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