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April 14-21, 2014

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April 14-21, 2014
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"Let Me Google That For You Act of 2014"

“I find it staggering that the agency is selling government reports both to the public and to other federal agencies that are widely available for free and easy to find with a simple Google search — and yet the agency is STILL losing money.”
-- Senator Claire McCaskell (D-MO)

In explanation of why she and Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) introduced the "Let Me Google That For You Act of 2014" (S.2206.IS) to abolish the National Technical Information Service (NTIS); after the GAO found that 95% of the information that the NTIS had sold to universities, the public, and other government offices over the last 11 years (at an average annual loss of $1.3 million/year) was available for free on the Internet.

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In Memorium

     Steve McDougal

J. Steven McDougal, MD
(1946 - 2014)

Steve McDougal's seminal contribution to the HIV/AIDS epidemic began in 1981 when his lab at the CDC received blood samples from five immunocompromised Los Angeles men who were later written up in the first MMWR publication related to AIDS.

Between then and his retirement from the CDC in 2007 Steve made a stunning set of contributions to HIV science. A partial list includes:
• Identification of CD4 as the primary receptor for HIV;
• Identification of gp120 as the HIV viral binding protein;
• Application of the Western Blot to HIV testing;
• Thermal inactivation of HIV, leading to safe use of factor concentrates by people with hemophilia;
• Construction of soluble forms of CD4 as inhibitors of infection;
• Demonstration that monocytes are also targets for HIV infection;
• Deciphering the mechanisms of HIV neutralization and inactivation by antibodies;
• Development of the BED test for HIV incidence;
• Contributions to updating the laboratory diagnostic algorithm for HIV.

Beyond this, Steve was a charter member of the Vaccine Dinner Club, an early and vocal supporter of the CFAR AIDS Soiree (a precursor to the CFAR Network Pizza Party), and an amazingly nice guy.

Read Steve's Obituary

Divider RuleKudos...

Lisa Haddad Lisa Haddad (Asst. Professor, SOM/OB-GYN) for having just scored her first ever NIH funding; a K23 for Impact of Progrestin Contraception on Risk of HIV Aquisition and Transmission
(1 K23 HD078153-01A1)
Read the abstract

     Cheryl Day

...and to Cheryl Day (Asst. Professor, RSPH/GH) for her first ever AIDS-related NIH RO1: NK Cell-mediated Regulation of T Cell Immunity in TB/HIV Co-infection. Field work for the study will be conducted in Kenya in collaboration with the Kenya Medical Research Institute/CDC. Other Key Personnel from Emory on this project are Neel Gandhi (co-investigator, RSPH) and Hao Wu (biostatistician, RSPH)
(1 R01 AI111948-01)
Read the abstract

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Happy Birthday

... to Jeff Lennox (April 14), Darcy White (April 17), Kate Finneran (April 18), Andrew Miller (April 18) and Minh Nguyen (April 19).

Your task for this Year... Set the world on fire with your dreams and use the flame to light a birthday candle. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

     Vaccine Nation logo

... Cameron Tran has brought an interesting internet infographic to our attention.
"HIV & AIDS: Facts, Figures, and Vaccines" is produced by Vaccine Nation and includes intriguing/sobering factoids in an interactive format.
Check it Out before your next AIDS Trivia contest.

Debbi Birx     

... On April 4 Debbi Birx was sworn in for PEPFAR as the new Ambassador at Large and U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator to lead all U.S. Government international HIV/AIDS efforts. Seven days later she released a statement on the principles of PEPFAR's public health approach that takes a VERY clear line on human rights situations like the one happening now in Uganda.
Read the Statement

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bulletin board

Virologically Supressed HIV+ Study Participants Wanted: Ponce Clinic
The purpose of this study is to evaluate safety and to determine whether E/C/F/TAF STR plus Darunavir (DRV) is effective against HIV-1 in virologically suppressed, HIV-1 positive subjects who are on antiretroviral regimens (ARV).
Study Flier

Position Sought: Clinical Research Coordinator
Hongzheng Zhang, PhD, MPH is a Research Associate and clinical research coordinator for Charles Moore’s HIV-infection related head and neck cancer trial. The trial is closing and Dr. Zhang is seeking a new position. He has extensive experience in translational cancer research in biomarker, drug and diagnostic technology development.
Read Dr. Zhang's CV

Elite Controller Study Participants Wanted: Ponce Clinic
Seeking HIV+ men and women who are naturally controlling their virus, in order to study the effects and potential benefit of ART in this population. The study is a prospective, single-arm, open-label study to evaluate the effect of fixed-dose Emtricitabine/Rilpivirine/Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate on T-cell activation, absolute CD4+ T-Cell count, inflammatory biomarkers and viral reservoir in treatment-naïve HIV-1 controllers [ACTG A5308].
Study Flier

Research Scientist Wanted: GeoVax
GeoVax has an open position for an investigator interested in studying the effects of protein boosts on neutralizing and non-neutralizing (Fc-mediated) Ab responses and helping with approaches to activating latent HIV infections. The successful applicant will be expected to have expertise in flow, ELISA, and recombinant DNA technology and the ability to lead submissions for Small Business Innovative Research Grants. Interested applicants should provide a statement of career interests and a resumé to:
GeoVax Inc.; Attn: Human Resources
1900 Lake Park Drive, Suite 380
Smyrna, Georgia 30080


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Funding Opps





Funding Opps


top Divider Rule pubs

Recent Pubs
that acknowledge the CFAR grant
(P30 AI050409)

Coats SJ, Garnier-Amblard EC, Amblard F, Ehteshami M, Amiralaei S, Zhang H, Zhou L, Boucle SR, Lu X, Bondada L, Shelton JR, Li H, Liu P, Li C, Cho JH, Chavre SN, Zhou S, Mathew J, Schinazi RF. Chutes and ladders in hepatitis C nucleoside drug development.
Antiviral Res. 2014 Feb;102:119-47.

Guerrero-Ferreira RC, Wright ER. Zernike phase contrast cryo-electron tomography of whole bacterial cells.
J Struct Biol. 2014 Jan;185(1):129-33.

Kiss G, Chen X, Brindley MA, Campbell P, Afonso CL, Ke Z, Holl JM, Guerrero-Ferreira RC, Byrd-Leotis LA, Steel J, Steinhauer DA, Plemper RK, Kelly DF, Spearman PW, Wright ER. Capturing enveloped viruses on affinity grids for downstream cryo-electron microscopy applications.
Microsc Microanal. 2014 Feb;20(1):164-74.

Ravindran R1, Khan N, Nakaya HI, Li S, Loebbermann J, Maddur MS, Park Y, Jones DP, Chappert P, Davoust J, Weiss DS, Virgin HW, Ron D, Pulendran B. Vaccine activation of the nutrient sensor GCN2 in dendritic cells enhances antigen presentation.
Science. 2014 Jan 17;343(6168):313-7.

Calendar Upcoming Events
April 16
HOPE Webinar
Engaging community to support healthy youth development in rural Honduras: Results from a formative assessment
Starring: Martha Kubik, PhD, RN
Focus: Nurses
Sponsor: University of Minnesota
HOPE Conference Website
To Attend Webinar: Click this link on 4/16

April 16
Brown Bag
Being a Peer Reviewer: How are you selected, tips for providing good peer reviews for articles and conferences.
Host: Program for Scholarly Integrity
Location: RSPH/CNR/Rm 2001

April 17
ID Seminar
Type-I interferon signaling and RIG-I activation pathways for enhancing subunit vaccine responses
Starring: Murali-Krishna Kaja
Location: RSPH/GCR/Rita Anne Rollins Rm

April 17
CFAR Network Pizza Party
Brain Drain: HIV's Effect on the Nervous System.
Host: NeuroAIDS Scientific Working Group
Location: RSPH/CNR/Rm 2001
More Information: See Spotlight below

Calendar Farther Down the Road
2013-2014 Keystone Symposia
Drug Discovery
Infectious Diseases
Structural Biology

April 23-26
35th Annual Meeting: Society of Behavioral Medicine
Location: Philadelphia
Registration (Early bird deadine: March 25)

April 30
Abstract Deadline
Rural HIV Research and Training Conference
Location: Savannah, GA
Conference Date: September 12-13, 2014

May 1 (Abstract Deadline)
October 1 (Conference)
Inter-CFAR Working Meeting
CFAR HIV Research in International Settings (CHRIS)
Keynote Speaker: Carlos del Rio
Location: San Diego, CA
Save the Date Notice

May 17-18
AV200 Bike Ride

June 1-6
Gordon Research Conference
Re-Evaluating the Fundamentals of Immunology, Their Clinical Potentials, Their Meaningful Measures, and the Unmet Needs
Application Deadline: May 4
Location: Newry, ME

November 11-14
32nd Annual Symposium on Nonhuman Primate Models for AIDS
Abstract Submisions: May 1 - August 15
Host: Oregon National Primate Research Center
Location: Portland, OR


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Spotlight! | 04/17/14 CFAR Network Pizza Party

     Frank Wong

Meeting Host:
NeuroAIDS Scientific Working Group

Count Me In!
Click Here to Register

April 17, 2014

Brain Drain:
HIV's Effect on the Nervous System


Stuart Zola Do Birds of a Feather Really Flock Together?
Cognitive Changes in HIV, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Aging

Stuart Zola, PhD
Director, Yerkes NPRC
Professor (Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences)
Co-Director, Alzheimer's Research Center

Bill Tyor Show of HANDS:
HIV-1 Clade Differences and their Potential Relationship to HAND

William Tyor MD
Professor, Department of Neurology
Co-Director, Emory MS Center
Emory University School of Medicine

David Clifford Through the Looking Glass:
HIV-associated Neurocognitive Disorders; a 2014 Perspective

David B. Clifford, MD
Washington University
PI, Neurologic AIDS Research Consortium (NARC)

Location: RSPH/CNR, Room 1000

5:30 — Pizza and Posters:

6:00 — Sound of ringing triangle causes members to channel their inner sheepdog and help herd other members and their guests to room 1000

8:00 — Adjourn for more networking and a dissection of the evening's trio of talks


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