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August 4 - 11, 2014

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August 4 - 11, 2014
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"To reach the goals of your life, you need discipline, you need luck and you need something as important as these two: Vacations!"
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Network News will be on vacation the weeks of August 11 and August 25.

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     Ebola Virus

... to Emory University Hospital nurses, doctors, and administrators for the well practiced job they have done so far in taking on the care of the first person to be treated in the US for Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever. Dr. Kent Brantly has arrived and is currently undergoing supportive therapy and Ms. Nancy Wreitbol is expected to arrive in the next couple of days (the CDC jet that is outfitted with an isolation chamber can carry only one patient at a time).

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In related news ... We have an addendum to last week's Spotlight on Godzilla (HIV) vs Mothra (Ebola). Check out Ray Schinazi's April 2014 publication "Retinazone inhibits certain blood-borne human viruses including Ebola virus Zaire" (Antivir. Chem. Chemother., 2014 vol. 23(5) pp. 197-215). Spoiler alert: "RTZ represents the first reported antiviral agent capable of eradicating HIV and HBV proviruses from their human host. Furthermore, RTZ represents a potent and efficacious small-molecule in vitro inhibitor of Ebola virus Zaire 1976 strain Mayinga replication."
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Happy Birthday

... to Dan Kalman (August 5); Kevin Ault, Mark Mulligan, and Claire Sterk (August 6); Erin Kahle and David Rimland (August 8); Teresa Parker (August 9); Melody Pratt Palmore (August 10); and Juanita Curran (August 11).

Best wishes for a joyous day filled with love, laughter, and new discoveries.


Attention human subjects researchers... The Emory IRB: 1) is preparing to make changes to consent form templates; 2) is now requiring pre-approval (rather than amendment) for the use of short form consent for non-English speaking study subjects; 3) has built a submittable form on its website for use in requesting help in determining if your study needs IRB review; and 4) combined into a single document the assessment forms (internal and external) for determining if a situation constitutes a Reportable Event. They also have an update on what you should know about retrospective and prospective chart review and are offering to come to your department / research group to do tailored IRB education sessions.
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... A Ugandan Constitutinal Court has nullified a bill signed into law last February that had toughened pre-existing laws mandating life imprisonment for men who have sex with men to now include penalties for lesbians, anyone found living in a same sex marriage, and the "promotion" of homosexuality. The court's nullification of the bill was based on procedural irregularities -- the bill had originally been passed in the absence of a quorum -- leaving open the chance that it, or one like it, will be reinstated after proper voting.
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Candle Rob Stephenson    
In Memoriam   

On July 19th Rob McDonald drowned in a kayaking accident on Flathead Lake, near his home in Polson, MT. During the CFAR at Emory's early years Rob was the UAB CFAR Administrator and an invaluable source of advice to our Administrative Core. He spent most of his time in those years living in Zambia, directing Eric Hunter and Susan Allen's research field site in Lusaka. He entered medical school at UAB in 2004 and did a 2 year Infectious Disease residency at Emory in 2011-2103 before moving to Montana. Rob is survived by an absolute wealth of family and friends; and none of us have any idea how we are going to get along without him in our lives.
• Read Rob's obituary

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Call for Papers

Public Health Reports
Supplemental Issue on Implementation of Routine HIV Screening in Clinical Settings
Deadline: September 15, 2014

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Recent Pubs
that acknowledge the CFAR grant
(P30 AI050409)

Siegler AJ, Mbwambo JK, DiClemente RJ. Applying the Dynamic Social Systems Model to HIV prevention in a rural African context: the Maasai and the esoto dance.
Health Educ Behav. 2013 Dec;40(6):683-93.

Rubtsova A, Wingood GM, Dunkle K, Camp C, DiClemente RJ. Young adult women and correlates of potential adoption of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP): results of a national survey.
Curr HIV Res. 2013 Oct;11(7):543-8.

Johnson DH1, Venuto C, Ritchie MD, Morse GD, Daar ES, McLaren PJ, Haas DW. Genomewide association study of atazanavir pharmacokinetics and hyperbilirubinemia in AIDS Clinical Trials Group protocol A5202.
Pharmacogenet Genomics. 2014 Apr;24(4):195-203.

Beane SN, Culyba RJ, DeMayo M, Armstrong W. Exploring the medical home in Ryan White HIV care settings: a pilot study.
J Assoc Nurses AIDS Care. 2014 May-Jun;25(3):191-202.

Schwartz AM, McCrackin MA, Schinazi RF, Hill PB, Vahlenkamp TW, Tompkins MB, Hartmann K. Antiviral efficacy of nine nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors against feline immunodeficiency virus in feline peripheral blood mononuclear cells.
Am J Vet Res. 2014 Mar;75(3):273-81.

Gandhi NR, Brust JC, Moodley P, Weissman D, Heo M, Ning Y, Moll AP, Friedland GH, Sturm AW, Shah NS. Minimal diversity of drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains, South Africa.
Emerg Infect Dis. 2014 Mar;20(3):426-33.

Irvin R, Wilton L, Scott H, Beauchamp G, Wang L, Betancourt J, Lubensky M, Wallace J, Buchbinder S. A study of perceived racial discrimination in Black men who have sex with men (MSM) and its association with healthcare utilization and HIV testing.
AIDS Behav. 2014 Jul;18(7):1272-8.

Kannanganant S, Gangadhara S, Lai L, Lawson B, Kozlowski PA, Robinson HL, Amara RR. Local control of repeated-dose rectal challenges in DNA/MVA-vaccinated macaques protected against a first series of simian immunodeficiency virus challenges.
J Virol. 2014 May;88(10):5864-9.

Hu Z, Klein JD, Mitch WE, Zhang L, Martinez I, Wang XH. MicroRNA-29 induces cellular senescence in aging muscle through multiple signaling pathways.
Aging (Albany NY). 2014 Mar;6(3):160-75.

Calendar Upcoming Events
August 5 New Listing
Dissertation Defense
New Insight into Host and Viral Factors that Influence HIV-1 Pathogenesis
Starring: Daniel Claiborne
Program: Immunology & Viral Pathogenesis
Location: Whitehead Auditorium

August 8 (Abstracts deadline)
December 8-9 (Meeting)
7th Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation: Transforming Health Systems to Optimize Individual and Population Health
Location: Bethesda

Calendar Farther Down the Road

August 12 New Listing
HOPE Webinar
HIV Dermatology
Starring: Esther Freeman (Mass Gen)
Focus: Physicians
Sponsor: Harvard CFAR
HOPE Conference Website
To Attend Webinar: Click this link on 8/12

August 14 New Listing
Internet Research Ethics
Host: Emory IRB

August 15 (Abstracts deadline)
November 11-14 (Meeting)
32nd Annual Symposium on Nonhuman Primate Models for AIDS
Host: Oregon National Primate Research Center
Location: Portland, OR

August 19 (Reg deadline) New Listing
August 24 (Course begins)
Web-based Course
Translational Research in Neuro-AIDS and Mental Health
Host: Johns Hopkins
Registration Information

September 6 New Listing
8:00am - Noon
Paper Writing Boot Camp
Host: RSPH Student Services
Location: RSPH/CNR/Auditorium
Content: organizing an academic paper, improving flow,
    writing concisely, avoiding plagiarism

September 9 (Abstracts open)
October 1 (Abstract deadline)
December 2 (Late Breaker opens)
January 8 (Late Breaker deadline)
February 23-26 (Meeting)
CROI 2015
Location: Seattle

October 2-3
HIV & Aging: From Mitochondria to the Metropolis
Host: CFAR
Location: Marriott Courtyard, Decatur

October 3-5
American Mock World Health Organization (AMWHO)
Target Audience: Graduate Students
Location: UNC Chapel Hill

October 15-17 New Listing
Strategies for an HIV Cure
Location: Bethesda, MD

October 23-24
8th Annual SBSRN National Meeting
Disparities in Research, Clinical Treatment, Prevention and Policies: A Call to Action
Location: Los Angeles
Information and Registration

October 30 (Early reg deadline) New Listing
December 9 (Abstract deadline)
January 26-27 (Meeting)
Innovation in HIV and Viral Hepatitis
Location: Milan, Italy


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Spotlight! | Gretchen Neigh, PhD

Gretchen Neigh

The goal of the NIH-funded Creative and Novel Ideas in HIV Research (CNIHR) program is to encourage talented young investigators with no prior experience in AIDS research to enlarge their research interests to encompass HIV.

Gretchen Neigh (Asst. Professor, SOM/ Physiology; Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences) is the first faculty member at Emory to have snagged a CNIHR award (2012) for her project Effects of Adolescent Stress and HIV on the Stress Response and Neuroinflammation.

Click this link to watch a 2012 YouTube interview with Gretchen in which she describes her proposed research project shortly after having been tapped for the CNIHR award.

Fast forward two years. The “capstone” meeting from her CNIHR award was held this year during IAS in Melbourne, during which she was featured on the AIDS 2014 blog.

She also presented two posters of her CNIHR project at the AIDS meeting:
"Female, but not male, adolescents develop depressive-like and anxiety-like behavior in response to expression of HIV-1 proteins: insight from a rodent model" (Abstract)


"Social stress prior to SIV or SHIV infection associates with higher viral load and lower CD4 counts" (Abstract)

plus she gave a talk on the findings in a special satellite session for the 2012 awardees, and did a poster presentation on mechanisms of activation / inflammation and impact on pathogenesis at the CURE meeting.

Way to go Gretchen!! The CNIHR mechanism is clearly a valuable way to snag talented new investigators into the HIV/AIDS fold.

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