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October 27 - November 3, 2014

The Network News
October 27 - November 3, 2014
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Because she was busy doing Science (see graph at right) this past Friday - Monday in order to meet an NIH deadline, the Network News production team (aka Kimbi Hagen) wasn't able to research/write/code/mail this week's issue of the newsletter.

Below are some calendar items that can't wait until next week.

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Happy Birthday

... to Eli Rosenberg (October 27), Brian Evavold (October 29), Colleen Kraft (October 30), Bob Mittler (November 2) and Galina Terbova (November 3).

Birthday to-do list:
Celebrate, Celebrate, Dance to the Music!


     Daria Hazuda
Wednesday, October 29
Discovery of HIV Latency Reversing Agents:
Lessons from a Work in Progress

Starring: Daria Hazuda, PhD
    Vice President, Infectious Disease Research Merck Research Labs
Host: CFAR HIV Reservoirs & Eradication Scientific Working Group
Location: Health Sciences Research Building Auditorium, 1st Floor

Stanley Plotkin     
Wednesday, October 29
Vaccine Dinner Club
Of Barriers and Blockades: The Basic Science and
Societal Impediments to Vaccine Development

Starring: Stanley A. Plotkin, PhD
     Emeritus Professor, Penn
    Executive Advisor, Sanofi Pasteur

Pre-registration required

     Carlos del Rio
Thursday, October 30
ID Seminar
How Far We’ve Come and How Far We Still Need to Go:
Engagement in HIV Care for our Most Vulnerable Populations of People Living with HIV in Atlanta and the US

Starring: Carlos del Rio
     CFAR Co-Director for Clinical Science & International Research
Location: RSPH / GCR / Rita Anne Rollins Room

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Spotlight Spotlight

Spotlight! | CFAR Network Pizza Party - Thursday, November 20

     Pizza Party logo

Meeting Host:
CFAR HIV & Women Scientific Working Group /
Women's Interagency Health Study

Count Me In!
Click Here to Register


Claire Pomeroy           An Epidemic Without Headlines:
Confronting the Crisis of HIV/AIDS in Women

Claire Pomeroy, MD, MBA
Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation

Anandi Sheth           Side Effects - Part I:
Can PrEP Drugs Modulate Genital Tract HIV Immunity?

Anandi Sheth, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow (Infectious Disease)
Emory School of Medicine

Kate Michel           Side Effects - Part II:
Can Hormonal Contraceptives Modulate the Anti-HIV Response of the Mucosal Immune System

Kate Michel, PhD
MPH Candidate (Global Epidemiology)
Rollins School of Public Health

Location: RSPH/CNR, Room 1000

5:30 — Pizza and Posters:

6:00 — Sound of ringing triangle causes members to channel their inner sheepdog and help herd other members and their guests to room 1000

8:00 — Adjourn for more networking and a dissection of the evening's trio of talks


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The Network News is a periodic email, detailing HIV/AIDS related events, funding opportunities, and achievements of CFAR members. If you have items that you wish to have included, please send them to us at by Friday of each week. Please put "The Network News" in the subject line.

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