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September 1-8, 2015

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September 1-8, 2015
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States Renamed for Countries

Channeling our inner Belgium

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Raymond Schinazi     

... to the US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) for bestowing the 2015 William S. Middleton Award on Raymond Schinazi. The Middleton Award is the national VA's highest honor for outstanding achievement in research and is bestowed in recognition of exceptional contributions in research relevant to the health care of Veterans. This is the first time that the Middleton Award has ever been given to a researcher from the Atlanta VAMC.
Thank you for helping to keep safe the soldiers who keep us safe

     Marcia Holstad the School of Nursing for promoting Marcia Holstad to Professor of Nursing. As mentioned last week, Marcia is widely known for her pioneering HIV/AIDS studies including a project which tests the efficacy of a unique smart phone mobile app that uses music to educate and motivate HIV+ persons to adhere to their meds and self-manage med-related symptoms and side-effects. It's a bird ... it's a plane ... it's Super Nurse!!

Mark Mulligan the HVTN for selecting Mark Mulligan for their HVTN Mentor Award. During the awards ceremony nominators had this to say: "Dr. Mulligan has consistently championed the young investigators at his site and been a 'hands-on' site leader engaging them in HVTN protocol leadership positions and other network leadership opportunities." Furthermore, "Mark is a wonderful mentor. He is deeply committed to the HVTN mission, and to developing students, fellows, and junior faculty into seasoned investigators." Three cheers!!

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Happy Birthday

... to Ryan Zahn (September 6), Jim Nettles (September 7), and Lillin Lai (September 8)

True friends remember your birthday, but not your age – count us among your true friends


     Kate Winskell

OK. Put down Candy Crush Saga for a moment and think about how cool it would be to develop and pilot test a super fun, interactive, phone-based game that would teach kids about sexual health and HIV, build risk-reduction skills, and challenge harmful gender norms and HIV stigma. Well, Kate Winskell just converted CFAR Dev Core (CFAR-03) findings into NIH R34 funding to do exactly that for African young adolescents age 11-14 (1R34MH106368-01A1). Game On!


Sid Byrareddy     

Anyone who has tried to use an animal model to accurately predict human outcomes can attest to the following truth: ferrets are weasels, monkeys exaggerate, and mice lie. Sid Byrareddy is determined to change that bit about monkeys. He has new funding (1R21AI114415-01A1) to derive a set of replication competent SHIVs for mucosal infection that include HIV-1 env sequences from viruses that have been shown to be preferentially transmitted in humans (think: Transmitter/Founder viruses). If this works it will be a valuable step towards turbo-charging a Rhesus Macaque model for HIV vaccine studies. Go Team Byrareddy!


     Neena Smith-Bankhead

Neena Smith-Bankhead, formerly VP of the Research, Education and Development Institute at AID Atlanta, has been recruited to Emory to serve as a Public Health Research Associate with PRISM Health. Most recently Neena was co-PI on a CDC-funded research project through the Minority HIV/AIDS Research Initiative to build HIV prevention, treatment and research capacity in disproportionately affected Black and Hispanic communities and among historically underrepresented researchers.
Welcome to the CFAR Neena!

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bulletin board

Scientific Review Officer Positions Available: NIH NIAID
NIAID seeks candidates with excellent oral and written communication skills, with at least a doctoral degree and several years of infectious disease research especially in HIV/AIDS, virology, microbiology, and/or immunology. Experiences in managing an independent research program, in submitting research grant applications to the NIH, and in serving on peer review panels are a plus. Prior experience in managing scientific peer reviews is NOT required (the NIAID Scientific Review Program has an extensive training program in the management of NIAID peer review activities). US citizenship is required.

• Questions: Contact Peter R. Jackson, PhD
Chief, AIDS Research Review Branch
Phone: 240-669-5048

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September 1
Three Decades of Advances in Nucleotide Antivirals:
From Research to Expanding Access

John C. Martin, PhD
   Chairman & CEO of Gilead Science

Location: Health Sciences Research Building Auditorium

• Laboratory of Biochemical Pharmacology;
• CFAR at Emory

Dr. Martin joined Gilead Sciences in 1990 and currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer. He served as President and Chief Executive Officer from 1996 through May 2008. Prior to joining Gilead, Dr. Martin held several leadership positions at Bristol-Myers Squibb and Syntex Corporation. Gilead Sciences is a global leader in the discovery and development of antiviral agents.

Dr. Martin holds a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Chicago and an MBA in marketing from Golden Gate University. He has received the Isbell Award from the American Chemical Society and the Gertrude B. Elion Award for Scientific Excellence from the International Society for Antiviral Research. In 2008, Dr. Martin was inducted into the National Academy of Engineering of the National Academies.

*All attendees must have and present a photo ID upon entry*

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Government News


Act Against AIDS Launches First Disease-Specific CDC Instagram Account

CDC just launched an Act Against AIDS (AAA) Instagram account. Started in 2009, AAA focuses on raising awareness of HIV among all Americans and reducing the risk of infection among the hardest-hit populations. The AAA account is the second Instagram account, and the only disease-specific account, at the CDC.

Following AAA on Instagram can be done in four easy steps:

1. Download and install the Instagram app onto your mobile device.
The app is available for free and can be downloaded from your device's app store.
2. Create an Instagram account, or login if you already have one.
You can also login using your Facebook account if you prefer.
3. Search for the AAA Instagram account.
This can be done by opening the app, tapping the magnifying glass icon, and typing in "actagainstaids" in the search bar. Tap on the AAA account icon in the search results to view the AAA Instagram page.
4. Tap the "+ FOLLOW" button on the AAA page to follow the campaign Instagram feed.
This will allow you the campaign's Instagram activity to automatically populate onto your main Instagram feed.

Read More About It

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Focus On...    

Effective FY2016, the NIH will begin triaging submitted HIV/AIDS applications into "high," "medium," and "low" priority for receiving funding through HIV/AIDS research dollars.

NOTE: "AIDS Dollars" funded projects are the only ones that count towards the CFAR's Funded Research Base.

Get ahead of the curve: Download, Print, and Paper the Walls of Your Office with the NIH Notice defining and giving examples of projects in the three priority levels.

Below is a list of what will fall into the "low" priority area. I.e. the topics that, beginning in FY2016, will NO LONGER be supported with AIDS-designated funds:

  • • Research on natural history and epidemiology that is entirely focused on a co-morbidity and does not have any focus on or inclusion of HIV (e.g., malaria, TB, and drug abuse);

  • • Basic virology research on pathogens that are co-infecting, but not in the context of HIV infection; and basic immunology studies of general relevance, but not specific to HIV including - basic virology and neurobiology research of co-infecting pathogens not in the context of HIV infection (e.g., Herpesviruses, HPV, TB, Malaria, hepatitis C and B, syphilis, Cryptococcus, flaviviruses, JC virus, etc.); basic cancer-related immunology studies not in the context of HIV infection; or studies on co-morbidities of general relevance, but not in the context of HIV (e.g., diabetes, lipid defects, endocrinology);

  • • Data analysis and systems tools that are not HIV-related, e.g., genomics studies of little or no relevance to HIV; or

  • • Studies of behaviors (e.g., sexual activities, drug use activities) or social conditions that have multiple negative outcomes where HIV/AIDS is only one of many outcomes being studied without a focus on how HIV/AIDS is unique in that context.

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Footlights | Vaccine Dinner Club - Wednesday, September 2

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When Mickey Got Measles:
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Emory University, Schools of Public Health & Medicine
Emory Vaccine Center


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