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March 22-29, 2016

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March 22-29, 2016
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How to Put on a Sock

According to the CDC's 2014 School Health Profiles report, only 23/50 states mandate sex education and only about half of those require that that education be 'medically, factually, or technically accurate'.**

And even in states in which sex ed is offered, very few allow teachers to demonstrate how to correctly use a condom.

The good news is that some teachers have gotten creative in their work arounds. For example, this video (1:51) shows one teacher in Mississippi demonstrating how he teaches students to use socks correctly in order to protect themselves "when engaging in shoe-realated activity."

If you have more time to spend watching a video, for e.g., during lunch (only you'll have to be really careful while watching it not to laugh so hard that you choke on your sandwich), you should also watch this episode of "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" (21:04) which covers the sorry state of affairs in Sex Education in hilarious depth.

**How does Georgia stack up? According to the Guttmacher Institute (which tracks sex ed state laws), Georgia law mandates both sex ed and HIV ed in school, but the information is NOT required to be medically accurate. In addition, the Georgia curriculum does not include information on contraception or the use of condoms as an HIV prevention, or even life skills information such as avoiding coercion, healthy decision making, and/or family communication. In its place, Georgia state law requires that sex ed focus on teaching abstinence, the importance of sex only within marriage, and the negative outcomes of teen sex.

Way to ensure that we continue to be a leader in teen pregnancies and new HIV infections GA!!
Check out what the current sex ed rules are where YOU grew up

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     Kehmia Titanji

... to Kehmia Titanji on scoring her first NIH funding!

Remember that song you were taught in kindergarden ... the one that started "Toe bone connected to the foot bone, foot bone connected to the heel bone, ..." and on and on, all the way up until you got to the head bone? Well, it turns out that HIV may operate in much the same way.

Specifically, in HIV/AIDS the toe bone (HIV) is connected to the foot bone (B cell disfunction) is connected to the heel bone (a global pro-inflammatory state) is connected to the ankle bone (end-organ damage) is connected to the shin bone (excess morbidity and mortality). Kehmia's project (1K01HL131333-01) hypothesizes that the damage from all these connections might be moderated or reversed through treatment with a potent long acting bisphosphonates, zoledronic acid, to mitigate B cell dysfunction, enhance humoral immune responses, attenuate inflammation, and ameliorate end-organ complications in HIV-infected people.
Read More About It

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Happy Birthday

... to Rama Amara (March 21), Ray Schinazi (March 21), Kim Jacob Arriola (March 22), Vince Marconi (March 25), JoAnn White (March 26), Keith Klugman (March 27), Maureen Mittler (March 29),

Our birthday wish for you is that knowledge and happiness flow from the questions you ask and the answers you find.

Heads Up: There Will Be No CFAR Network Pizza Party Meeting This Week
The March 24th event -- which would have allowed CFAR members to hear talks and view posters that were presented by their fellow CFAR members at national and international conferences over the last year -- was cancelled due to lack of interest among attendees. We will try again next year.

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Postdoc Position Available: Scripps Research Institute
The Nemazee Lab has a postdoc position available to further their studies on HIV vaccinology and other studies on a universal flu vaccine model. The lab approaches vaccine studies with a basic immunology perspective including projects on pDCs and basic immune tolerance.
More Information

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Government News


The NIH is currently accepting supplement applications from CFARs in the following scientific areas:

Scientific Area #1:
Tracking HIV Transmission Phylodynamics: Leveraging Collaborations with Public Health Departments and Others to Research Methods to Analyze Phylogenetic Data in Close to Real-Time

Scientific Area #2:
HIV and Host Factor Targets for Structural Research

Scientific Area #3:
Advancing PrEP Delivery

Scientific Area #4:
Rapid HIV Treatment Initiation: Implementation Models, Uptake, and HIV Care Continuum Outcomes

Scientific Area #5:
Drug-Drug Interactions in the Context of Antiretroviral Treatment and HIV Co-infections and Comorbidities

More Information:
View/Download a copy of the CFAR supplement announcement

The Fine Print:
• Applications must align with the NIH HIV/AIDS research priorities (NOT-OD-15-137)
• The CFAR may only submit one application per project area to NIH.
• We will use an internal review process to select which pre-proposals go forward for development into full supplement applications

Project directors must be early stage*, NIH New Investigators or established investigators in non-HIV fields who have never received an R01 in HIV/AIDS (Post-docs are not eligible for this announcement).

*Investigators who are not considered an NIH ESI because they fall outside the 10 year limit and have NOT received any NIH HIV/AIDS research funding may be considered for this opportunity on a case-by-case basis.

Current mentored K awardees can provide complementary effort on the CFAR without salary within their remaining 25% effort. The mentored CDA must also maintain the 75% on the K. K awardees should consult with their program officer on the K to make sure they will allow this exception. Please see below for grants policy statement.

Post-docs are not eligible for this announcement.

Project Period:
Funding will be for one year
The earliest anticipated start date is 6/30/16 but may be delayed due to administrative issues

one page pre-proposal: Monday, April 4, 2016 -- Submit pre-proposals to Dr. Kimbi Hagen
Full application (by invitation from the CFAR): Monday, May 23, 2016

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Focus On...    

Attention PhD Students
PhD students at CFAR sites nationwide are invited to submit proposals for analyses using the Emory CFAR Prevention Science Core dataset from the 2014 American Men's Internet Survey (AMIS), an annual cross-sectional online HIV behavioral survey of men who have sex with men (MSM) in the United States.

Core staff will select proposals for manuscript development and the winning manuscript will receive a $1000 scholarship to attend a scientific conference.

Proposals are due April 1, 2016 and final manuscripts will be due August 1, 2016.

Contest rules
2014 AMIS survey
List of analysis topics that are already published or are in progress
Proposal Template
Draft Memorandum of Understanding

• QUESTIONS: Email the AMIS study team:

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Funding Opps


Nothing new this week


See "Government News" section


See previously advertised Funding Opportunities in Network News archived issues.


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Recent Pubs
linked to the CFAR grant
(P30 AI050409)

Kelley CF, Lai L, Ibegbu C, Rosenberg ES, Kaur S, Patel K, Mulligan MJ, Marconi VC, Sullivan PS, Amara RR. Differences in expression of gut-homing receptors on CD4+T cells in black and white HIV-negative men who have sex with men. AIDS. 2016 Feb 17.
PMID: 26891038

Hsu E, Phadke V, Nguyen ML. Hyperthyroidism in HIV patients on combined antiretroviral therapy: Case series and literature review. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. 2016 Feb 18.
PMID: 26887978

Calendar Upcoming Events
March 23
Inflammatory Bone Disease in HIV Infection: A Growing Challenge Globally
Starring: Igho Ofotokun
Location: RSPH/CNR/1000 Hosted by: Hubert Dept. of Global Health; CFAR

March 24
ID Seminar
Infusion-compatible Antibiotics for Rapid Administration in Cancer Outpatients with Septic Shock: the "Sepsis STAT Pack"
Starring: Jason D. Goldman, MD (U Washington)
Location: RSPH / GCR / Rita Anne Rollins Room

March 29-31, 2016
World Vaccine Congress 2016
Location: Washington (Grand Hyatt)

March 30
Conference Society for Behavioral Medicine
Location: Washington, DC

Calendar Farther Down the Road
April 6
Vaccine Dinner Club
See Footlights Section

April 11 (Abstract Deadline) October 17-20 (Meeting)
Conference New Listing
HIV Research for Prevention (HIVR4P)
Location: Chicago
Submit an Abstract
Subscribe to newsletter / email organizers

April 20-22
6th Australasian Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics Development Meeting
Location: Brisbane, Australia

May 15-17, 2016
6th International Conference on Primate Genomics
Location: Potomac Maryland
Abstract Submission Information

June 20-21, 2016
Workshop New Listing
Towards Real-Time Phylodynamic Tracking of HIV Transmission
Location: Rockville Maryland
More Information



Haile WB, Gavegnano C, Tao S, Jiang Y, Schinazi RF, Tyor WR. The Janus kinase inhibitor ruxolitinib reduces HIV replication in human macrophages and ameliorates HIV encephalitis in a murine model. Neurobiol Dis. 2016 Feb 3.
PMID: 26851503

Linton SL, Cooper HL, Luo R, Karnes C, Renneker K, Haley DF, Hunter-Jones J, Ross Z, Bonney L, Rothenberg R. People and places: Relocating to neighborhoods with better economic and social conditions is associated with less risky drug/alcohol network characteristics among African American adults in Atlanta, GA. Drug Alcohol Depend. 2015 Dec 10.
PMID: 26781062

Buckley N, Huber A, Lo Y, Castle PE, Kemal K, Burk RD, Strickler HD, Einstein MH, Young M, Anastos K, Herold BC. Association of High-Risk Human Papillomavirus with Genital Tract Mucosal Immune Factors in HIV-Infected Women. Am J Reprod Immunol. 2015 Dec 18.
PMID: 26685115

Goswami ND, Schmitz MM, Sanchez T, Dasgupta S, Sullivan P, Cooper H, Rane D, Kelly J, Del Rio C, Waller LA. Understanding Local Spatial Variation along the Care Continuum: The Potential Impact of Transportation Vulnerability on HIV Linkage to Care and Viral Suppression in High-Poverty Areas, Atlanta, Georgia. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2015 Dec 1.
PMID: 26630673

Delaney KP, Rosenberg ES, Kramer MR, Waller LA, Sullivan PS. Optimizing Human Immunodeficiency Virus Testing Interventions for Men Who Have Sex With Men in the United States: A Modeling Study. Open Forum Infect Dis. 2015 Oct 20;2(4):ofv153. eCollection 2015..
PMID: 26613096

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Footlights | Vaccine Dinner Club - Wednesday, April 6

Focus: Way Cool (and Successful) Vaccine Delivery Technology

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Selfie Shots:
Self-administering Influenza Vaccine Using
a Microneedle Patch


Mark Prausnitz, PhD
Regent's Professor (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering)
Director, Center for Drug Design, Development, and Delivery
Georgia Institute of Technology


Nadine Rouphael, MD
Assistant Professor (Medicine)
Emory School of Medicine


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