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May, 2016

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The Network News
May 2016
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Ever wonder what the animal equivalent of swiping right on Tinder looks like?

This YouTube video (2:16), put together by Sagami Original (maker of "The World's Thinnest Condom"), shows humans acting out vertibrate animal courtship rituals.

Watch it all the way to the end to match the humans with their furred and feathered counterparts.

Divider Rule Kudos ...
     Wendy Armstrong

... to the Atlanta Business Chronicle for naming Wendy Armstrong their 2016 Health Care Hero award winner.

Quoted from the Atlanta Business Chronicle article
(access requires an Emory net ID):

[Wendy] first became interested in HIV and AIDS when she was a doctor in training in the early 1990s. She saw science and medicine resources being dedicated to fighting a little-known disease. What made it different and intriguing to Armstrong was the social element that involved controversy and social inequities.

"The two came together for me in a way that got my interest," she said. "But we are here 20 years later still dealing with the same problems — an out-of-control epidemic with all kinds of social injustices and political issues."

"[But now] this most commonly affects communities of color. Where it used to have a concentration in a population that was vocal, now this is a population who has less of a voice but is really being wracked by the disease."

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Happy Birthday

... to Bali Pulendran (May 2), Aron Lukacher (May 5), Jeb Jones (May 15), Donna Hess (May 15), Martha Rogers (May 16), Martha Rogers (May 16), Cindy Gaillard (May 17), Andi Shane (May 20), Raymond Schinazi (May 21), Patrick Bryant (May 21), Karl Hagen (May 23), Ralph DiClemente (May 30)

Happy Birthday! Today's rotation of the earth is dedicated entirely to YOU. As it should be.


     Tanja Jovanovic    Gretchen Neigh
     Tanja Javanovic    Gretchen Neigh

Please join us in welcoming Tanja Jovanovic to the CFAR Network and in congratulating Tanja and Gretchen Neigh on scoring their first NIH AIDS funding! Their MPI award -- Biological Mechanisms of Stress Disorders Co-Morbid with HIV in African American Women (1R01MH110364-01A1) -- will allow Tanja to apply her VAMC experience with Vietnam veterans who have PTSD to a new population -- i.e. women with HIV who have experienced trauma exposure.

It turns out that PTSD, which is disproportionately high in women with HIV, can reduce antiretroviral adherence and increase manifestations of physiological co-morbidities with HIV. This first funding is designed to identify the combined effects of HIV and PTSD on neurophysiological and neuroendocrine manifestations in hopes that they can use the findings to establish a framework for effective interventions that will increase three good things: Quality of life, Adherence to antiretroviral therapy, and Engagement in the continuum of care.
Read more about new CFAR member Tanja Jovanovic.

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bulletin board

Recruiter Sought: Exercise Study
Drenna Waldrop-Valverde has an R01 on exercise to improve cognitive function in people with HIV (R01NR014973) that needs to ramp up enrollment so they are hoping to expand their recruiting team. People who know the Grady system would be ideal but they'd be willing to train someone who is unfamiliar with Grady.
Contact Dr. Waldrop-Valverde for more information

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Government News


No, it isn't you... Children really ARE younger than they used to be. Effective January 2016 (yes, we are a tad late reporting on this) NIH has deemed childhood to end at age 18, not 21.

NIH applicants will still be expected to justify the age range of proposed participants, with particular attention paid to addressing the inclusion (or exclusion) of children (or subsets of children). However, the threshold now applies to study subjects under the age of 18 rather than 21.
Read more about it

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May 19
ID Seminar
An Interdisciplinary Career in STI/HIV Research: Lessons Learned
Starring: Jeanne Marrazzo, MD, MPH, FACP, FIDSA
Director, Division of Infectious Diseases
     Professor of Medicine
     UAB School of Medicine
Location: RSPH / GCR / Rita Anne Rollins Room

May 23
5:30pm - Food
6:00pm - Talk
CFAR Special Seminar
Vaccine Design to Induce Broadly Neutralizing Antibody Cells
Starring: William Schief, PhD
Professor,Dept. of Immunology and Microbial Science
     Scripps Research Institute
Location: RSPH / CNR / Rm 1000
Register Here
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