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November 1-8, 2016

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November 1-8, 2016
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"We're a bunch of people here who are starting to be quite old, including myself, and we have to make sure the next generation in particular will have the history in mind for HIV and other diseases. The next generation should not make the same mistakes."

(Francoise Barré-Sinoussi)
While presenting at "HIV/AIDS Research: Its History & Future"
Cold Spring Harbor, 10/13-16/2016

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... ... To NIH for awarding Moka Yoo-Jeong her first NIH funding!

     Moka Yoo-Jeong
Moka Yoo-Jeong

Older adults with HIV can become socially isolated and lonely. That is not good of course, but does it affect their health? Hold that question until Moka finishes her F31-funded project, Social Isolation and Retention in Care Among Older Adults Living with HIV/AIDS (1F31NR015975-01A1) is intended to parse that out.
Read More About It

... To CFAR's newest Emory leaders

Nadine Rouphael     Vandy Vanderford     

Nadine Rouphael and Vandy Vanderford have been named 2017 Fellows of the Woodruff Leadership Academy, an intensive five-month program, which begins its 15th year in January.

Nadine and Vandy are joining excellent company. CFAR has had members serve as WLA Fellows in all but one of the previous 14 years. They include Mary Galinski (2003), David Holtgrave (2004), Angie Caliendo (2005), Paul Spearman (2006), Ken Hepburn (2007), Mark Mulligan (2008), Rana Chakraborty & Monica Farley (2009), Francois Villinger (2010), Wendy Armstrong, Yoko Hammond, & Mary Jo Lechowicz (2011), Kathryn Yount (2012), Rob Stephenson (2013), Hannah Cooper & Cheryl Day (2015), and Patrick Sullivan (2016). Yay us!
Read More About the WLA

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Happy Birthday

... to Eli Rosenberg (October 27), Brian Evavold (October 29), and Colleen Kraft (October 30).

Cut the Cake and let's eat some more!!


Carlos del Rio     
Carlos del Rio

@CarlosdelRio7 was named a "Top 10 Influencer of #IDWeek2016" in two categories: Mentions (2nd place, right behind CDC Director Tom Frieden, with n=475) and total Tweets (3rd place, with n=229).

Carlos also starred in an IDWeek 2016 video, in which he discusses HIV epidemiology and prevention, and an online slide show that Myles Helfand made from Carlos' "Whats Hot in HIV Research" plenary talk. The slide show features the sound bite takeaway messages Carlos collected from the authors of 18 of the hottest HIV studies released in the last 12 months.
Watch the Slide Show.

     Schinazi & St. Clair
Marty St. Clair & Raymond Schinazi

Must Read Alert: Science staff writer Jon Cohn wrote an article ("At gathering of HIV/AIDS pioneers, raw memories mix with current conflicts") about last month's "HIV/AIDS Research: Its History & Future" conference in Cold Springs Harbor.

Jim Curran and Ray Schinazi spoke at the conference. At right Ray, co-discoverer of 3TC, is pictured with Marty St. Clair, who helped bring AZT to market. The AZT/3TC "Combivir" regimen helped to remake the HIV treatment landscape in 1997.

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Focus On...    

NOT-OD-15-137 is a definitive source for information about which research topics have priority for NIH AIDS dollars in the current era.

In their FY2017 Trans-NIH Plan for HIV-related Research, OAR has included a graphic that does a very nice job of laying out the current High Priority topics, including a much more explicit inclusion of social and behavioral research.

     NIH OAR Priorities graphic
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Funding Opps


None this week.


See previously advertised Funding Opportunities in Network News archived issues.


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Recent Pubs
linked to the CFAR grant
(P30 AI050409)

Zlotorzynska, Maria; Spaulding, Anne C; Messina, Lauren C; Coker, Daniella; Ward, Kevin; Easley, Kirk; Baillargeon, Jacques; Mink, Pamela J; Simard, Edgar P. Retrospective cohort study of cancer incidence and mortality by HIV status in a Georgia, USA, prisoner cohort during the HAART era. BMJ open. 2016; 6 (4) e009778.
PMID: 27067888

Hernández-Romieu, Alfonso C; del Rio, Carlos; Hernández-Ávila, Juan Eugenio; Lopez-Gatell, Hugo; Izazola-Licea, José Antonio; Uribe Zúñiga, Patricia; Hernández-Ávila, Mauricio. CD4 Counts at Entry to HIV Care in Mexico for Patients under the "Universal Antiretroviral Treatment Program for the Uninsured Population," 2007-2014. PloS one. 2016; 11 (3) e0152444.
PMID: 27027505

Fielding-Miller, Rebecca; Dunkle, Kristin L; Jama-Shai, Nwabisa; Windle, Michael; Hadley, Craig; Cooper, Hannah L F. The feminine ideal and transactional sex: Navigating respectability and risk in Swaziland.. Social science & medicine (1982). 2016 Jun; 158 24-33.
PMID: 27107148

Calendar Upcoming Events

November 2
VDC meeting
See Footlights section below

November 3
ID Seminar
HCV at the Atlanta VA Medical Center: A Work in Progress
Starring: Emily Cartwright, MD
Location: RSPH / GCR / Rita Anne Rollins Room

Calendar Farther Down the Road

November 10
8:00 - 11:30
ANAC Workshop
Nursing Research Workshop: Building Capacity for Competitiveness in HIV/AIDS Nursing Research at NINR
Sponsors: Johns Hopkins and Emory CFARs
Location: Westin Peachtree Plaza-Atlanta
Workshop Registration
ANAC Conference (11/10-11/12) website

November 10
9:00 - 10:00
HIV in Transgender Populations: A Human Rights Approach
Starring: Tonia Poteat, PhD, PA-C, MPH (Johns Hopkins)
Sponsor: CFAR Prevention Science Core
Location: RSPH/CNR/Klamon Room

November 11
Honoring Ceremony
Veterans Day Ceremony
Speaker: Jon Keen (War on Terror veteran)
Location: Emory Quad
Sponsor: Emory Veterans Association

November 17
5:30 - 7:45
CFAR Network Science Club
Starring: Serena Koenig (Harvard)
Host: CFAR Clinical Research Core

November 17-18
NIH/NIAID Workshop
2nd International Workshop on Microbiome in HIV Pathogenesis, Prevention, and Treatment
Location: NIH Campus, Masur Auditorium Bethesda, MD

December 6-7
CFAR Symposium
Joint Symposium on HIV Research in Women
Location: Birmingham, AL
Sponsors: Multiple CFARs

December 12-16
Workshop on Microbial Genome Sequencing
Location: Harvard Medical School, Boston
Sponsors: Harvard CFAR


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Spotlight Spotlight

Footlights | Vaccine Dinner Club - Wednesday, November 2

Focus: Animal vaccines

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"If People can get Chicken Pox, Can Chickens get People Pox?*
Viral Diseases of Domestic Poultry and Why They Matter

*No, but they get a lot of other important viral diseases.


Steve McCarter, DVM, MAM
Tyson Senior Veterinarian
AV200 Volunteer


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