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March 28, 2019

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Please remember to cite the CFAR. Citing the CFAR grant number (AI050409) on all publications and presentations that benefited from any level of Emory CFAR consultation, services, materials, mentorship, or funding is crucial in ensuring our continued support from NIH.

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March 28, 2019
Divider RuleGroundbreaking Event of the Last Three+ Decades
(Thanks to CFARs own Nina Martinez ) ...

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Lisa Haddad       Colleen Kraft       Claire Sterk       Allison Chamberlain

... to Lisa Haddad for spinning her CFAR 03 award and NIH K23 into her first ever NIH R01 (R01HD095741).


... to Colleen Kraft on being named a member of the Woodruff Leadership Academy class of 2019. Claire Sterk on being elected to the 2018 class of the National Academy of Medicine.


...and to Allison Chamberlain on being named a grantee of the Rollins School of Public Health's first ever Dean's Pilot and Innovation Award.

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Kathy Trang     

Kathy Trang has received funding from the PhRMA Foundation to study Biological and Psychosocial Mechanisms of Stress Disorders Co-Morbid with HIV.

Kathy's doctoral research in Emory College's department of Anthropology is examining the multi-level determinants of life-course and health trajectories for young migrant men (and specifically, young migrant MSM) in Hanoi, Vietnam

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Do Over

Last year, while giving a shout out to Jessica Sales for new her Planning4PrEP award, we neglected to mention that it was an MPI award with Anandi Sheth as MPI. We apologize for the oversight!

Speaking of that award... Anandi and Jessica's initial findings indicate that many women are unaware of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), have a keen interest in spreading the word once they learn about the option, and feel that Family Planning providers should be routinely sharing information about PrEP with their clients because, unlike condoms, PrEP use is not dependent on partner participation.

Intrigued? Read this article in Contagion Live about their recent publication in Contraception: Patient recommendations for PrEP information dissemination at family planning clinics in Atlanta, Georgia

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bulletin board

DAIDS Program Officer Sought:
Pathogenesis and Basic Research Branch

The Pathogenesis and Basic Research Branch of the DAIDS Basic Sciences Program is currently searching for a Program Officer candidate to join our team. The Pathogenesis and Basic Research Branch oversees a broad portfolio of research grants and funding initiatives related to basic HIV virology, immunology, transmission, and persistence, as well as the 19 CFARs, the NIH AIDS Reagent Program (ARP), and the Martin Delaney Collaboratories for HIV Cure Research (MDCs). The overall portfolio includes approximately 320 grants totaling over $270 million in funding per year.

Candidates must be US Citizens, hold a PhD in a related field, and have extensive research experience in an area aligned with the Pathogenesis and Basic Research Branch grant portfolio.

Interested candidates should email Karl Salzwedel.

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Government News

     OAR & Emory CFAR
  From Left to Right: Igho Ofotokun, Wendy Armstrong,
Jim Curran, Maureen Goodenow, Carlos del Rio,
and Cornelius Baker

On March 18 CFAR hosted a "Listening Session" with Maureen Goodenow, Director of the NIH Office of AIDS Research to guide development of the NIH Strategic Plan for HIV and HIV-Related Research, which drives NIH programmatic and budgetary decision-making.

Divider Rule Mentoring Moment... by Hannah Cooper and Julie Gazmararian

     Mentoring Moment...    

"Dear colleagues,
We are delighted to announce the 2019 course offerings of the Summer Institute on the Social Determinants of Health, held at Emory University's Rollins School of Public Health. We are offering three courses: group randomized trials, taught by Drs. Kelli Komro and Melvin Livingston; multilevel modeling, taught by Dr. Michael Kramer; and qualitative data analysis, taught by Dr. Monique Hennink (cross-listed with her QUAL-WORKS series). Courses will be offered in May/June.

Please circulate this information to colleagues who may be interested.
Early bird registration ends April 1

Julie Gazmararian ( and
Hannah Cooper (

Divider Rule Another Mentoring Moment... by Mark Conde

     Mentoring Moment...    

"Dear CFARian Mentors and Mentees,
This is a plug for attending Research IT Day 2019 on April 11.

Do you or your research team want to learn more about...

... how to use a Visual Analytics platform to see and understand your data through an easy to use, drag and drop interface? Visually explore your research data to find hidden insights in the data and harness people's natural ability to spot visual patterns by delivering interactive dashboards to tell the story of your findings?

... how to combine, shape and clean your data for easier analysis?

... how to use online, awarded grant data to a) discover funders, (b) perform analysis of funding trends (including comparative assessments), (c) identify collaborators with a track record of securing awards, and (d) uncover lesser-known potential sources of funding for research projects?

... how REDCap works?

... best practices and standards in managing data sets?

... best practices and electronic tools for capturing and organizing the data associated with research specimen collection, sorting, shipping, and/or tracking?

Information and Registration
(Seating is limited)

- J. Mark Conde

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Community Corner    


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Funding Opps

Standard AIDS Deadlines

Sponsor: NCI
Clinical Trials: Optional
Provocative Questions (PQs) in Cancer with an Underlying HIV Infection

Other Deadlines

• No New Announcements


April 1 (LOI)
Sponsor: CFAR
Clinical Trials: Not Allowed
Emory Center for AIDS Research


See previously advertised Funding Opportunities in Network News archived issues.

top Divider Rule pubs

Recent Pubs
that link to the CFAR grant
(P30 AI050409)

Brincks AM, Shiu-Yee K, Metsch LR, Del Rio C, Schwartz RP, Jacobs P, Osorio G, Sorensen JL, Feaster DJ. Physician Mistrust, Medical System Mistrust, and Perceived Discrimination: Associations with HIV Care Engagement and Viral Load.
AIDS Behav. 2019 Mar 16. doi: 10.1007/s10461-019-02464-1.

Jones AT, Shen X, Walter KL, LaBranche CC, Wyatt LS, Tomaras GD, Montefiori DC, Moss B, Barouch DH, Clements JD, Kozlowski PA, Varadarajan R, Amara RR. HIV-1 vaccination by needle-free oral injection induces strong mucosal immunity and protects against SHIV challenge.
Nat Commun. 2019 Feb 18;10(1):798. doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-08739-4.

    Calendar Upcoming Events

March 29 (Reg Deadline)
April 11-12 (Conference)
HIV & Aging: From Mitochondria to the Metropolis
Sponsored by: CFAR HIV & Aging Scientific Working Group
Location: Atlanta (Courtyard by Marriott Decatur)

March 29 (Reg Deadline)
April 22-23 (Meeting)
NCI Conference
Liver Fibrosis to Cancer
Location: Lipsett Auditorium, Building 10
    NIH Main Campus, Bethesda
Information & Registration

Calendar Farther Down the Road
April 4-7 - New
2019 ASCCP Annual Scientific Meeting on Anogenital and HPV-Related Diseases
Location: Atlanta
Information & Registration

April 11 - New
9:00 - 5:00pm
Research IT Day 2019
Hosted by:
   Emory LITS
   Woodruff Library
Information and Registration
(see "Another Mentoring Moment" section above)

April 22
3:30 - 4:30pm
National CFAR Webinar
Use and Misuse of Adherence Measures in Clinical Trials
   Mackenzie Cottrell
   Angela Kashuba
Important Information for First Time Attendees

April 28 - New
2:00 - 4:00pm
Emory's connections to the film industry and the key role it plays in Georgia's surging film production scene
Hosted by:
   Wise Heart Society
   Cox Hall Ballroom
Information and Registration

May 3 (Reg/Abstract Deadline*)
(Sat-Sun) June 8-9 (Conference) - New
8th Annual Southeastern Immunology Symposium
Hosted by:
   Emory University
Information and Registration
*You must be registered to submit an abstract

May 31 - June 1
National LGBTQ Health Conference
Hosted by: Emory University; NIH
Location: Atlanta (Emory)

May 20
3:30 - 4:30pm
National CFAR Webinar
CFAR Collaboration on HIV in Corrections
   Curt Beckwith
Important Information for First Time Attendees

July 1 (Abstract Deadline) - New
September 10-12 (Meeting)
3rd National Congress of the Italian Society for Virology "SIV-ISV"
Location: University of Padua (Italy)


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Spotlight Spotlight

Footlights | Vaccine Dinner Club - Wednesday, April 3

Focus: Vaccination on the Front Lines

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Helping Where it Hurts:
Vaccination Under Fragile and
Humanitarian Conditions


Ronald Waldman, MD, MPH
George Washington University


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