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August 7, 2019

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Please remember to cite the CFAR. Citing the CFAR grant number (AI050409) on all publications and presentations that benefited from any level of Emory CFAR consultation, services, materials, mentorship, or funding is crucial in ensuring our continued support from NIH.

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August 7, 2019
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Natalie Crawford    

... to Natalie Crawford for converting her CFAR Opportunity Award for "Pharmacy based support for pre-exposure prophylaxis screening, referral and monitoring" into her first NIH funding.

Epi studies have repeatedly shown that MSM living in high poverty, racial minority neighborhoods in Atlanta are at disproportionate risk of acquiring HIV. Their individual risk can be mitigated through the use of PrEP of course but only if barriers to accessing it can be overcome.

Natalie's project -- Advancing PrEP Access in Pharmacies to Improve PrEP Uptake in Disadvantaged Areas (R34MH119007) -- will seek to reduce racial inequities in HIV by doing exactly what the project title suggests: Develop and pilot test an intervention that will make it possible for Black MSM living in high incidence neighborhoods to reduce their HIV risk without having to go any farther from home than their local pharmacy.

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The pleasure of your company is requested at the
2019 Schinazi Distinguished Lecture
honoring the appointments of:
• Saul J. Karpen, MD, PhD to the Raymond F. Schinazi Distinguished Biomedical Chair
• Stefan G. Sarafianos, PhD
to the Nahmias Schinazi Distinguished Research Chair
• Paul Root Wolpe, PhD to the Raymond F. Schinazi Distinguished Research Chair in Jewish Bioethics

Wednesday, August 21, 2019
4:30 p.m.
Rollins Auditorium
Health Sciences Research Building

Reception immediately following
Valet parking available

See details of lecture in Footlights section below

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This is a periodic celebration of new research awarded while Network News was on extended hiatus.

      Raymond Schinazi       Bill Tyor

(Belated) congratulations to Raymond Schinazi and Bill Tyor for receiving NIH R01 funding in 2018 for R01MH116695 (Towards Suppression and Elimination of HIV in the CNS).

HIV-1 associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND) occur in a substantial number of people living with HIV. Eradication of the underlying cause of HAND cannot occur without elimination of HIV-1 viral reservoirs, including the central nervous system (CNS). Raymond and Bill will use their project funding to investigate new adjunctive therapeutic strategies from three distinct classes of compounds targeting viral reservoirs in the CNS in hopes of eliminating and/or reducing the risk that a person living with HIV will develop HAND.
Read More About It

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Funding Applicants Sought: CFAR Opportunity Awards

If you skimmed over the Kudos section above, go back and look again. Some of the data that Natalie Crawford used to anchor her successful NIH R34 application was funded by a CFAR Developmental Core "Opportunity Award."

Opportunity Awards are intended to remove obstacles to HIV research productivity among CFAR members by providing crucial resources that cannot easily or immediately be obtained through other funding mechanisms.

Funds are intended to be used to:
• Enable a new NIH application that is expected to be submitted within the next 12 months
• Gather data needed for a scored NIH application that is currently being revised for resubmission
• Reduce obstacles encountered during a current NIH-funded research project

The mechanism provides reimbursement or direct purchases of up to $2,000 per approved request and applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis.

Funds may be used for salary/wages (e.g. temporary employee to assist in data collection, entry, or analysis), consultant costs, equipment, supplies, advertising, study subject incentives, or travel to the study site to meet with study personnel. Other uses will be considered. All requests must be well justified.

Any CFAR member who meets the NIH definition of "New Investigator," i.e. anyone who has not previously received R01 level funding from NIH.

Read the Program Announcement
Apply for Opportunity Award funding

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     Mentoring Moment...      Michael Lauer     

In his most recent "Open Mike" NIH blog, Dr. Michael Lauer, NIH Deputy Director for Extramural Research, reported on breaches of Peer Review integrity.

Recent examples that have been reported by NIH include:
• A reviewer sending grant applications to their postdocs to write their critiques
• Someone revealing that they reviewed a particular application
• A reviewer disclosing how another reviewer scored an application
• A PI approaching a reviewer at a scientific conference to discuss her/his institution's application

Read More About It
Read the NIH's Policy on Integrity and Confidentiality in NIH Peer Review

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Funding Opps

Standard AIDS Deadlines

No New Listings

Other Deadlines

Deadline: Oct 12 (LOI)
Sponsor: Multiple
Clinical Trials: Optional
Reducing Stigma to Improve HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment and Care in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Deadline: Oct 14 (LOI)
Sponsor: NICHD
Clinical Trials: Optional
US Children with Perinatal HIV who were Born Internationally


Deadline: Aug 9 (LOI)
Sponsor: Giliad
No Co-infection (NoCo) 2019: HCV Elimination in Specific Populations and Regions with High Prevalence or Risk of HIV and HCV Infection

See previously advertised Funding Opportunities in Network News archived issues.

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Recent Pubs
that link to the CFAR grant
(P30 AI050409)

Siegler AJ, Bratcher A, Weiss KM. Geographic Access to Preexposure Prophylaxis Clinics Among Men Who Have Sex With Men in the United States.
Am J Public Health. 2019 Jul 18:e1-e8. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2019.305172. [Epub ahead of print].

    Calendar Upcoming Events

August 7 - New
Webcast Wednesday: Improving Outcomes for PLWH Post-Incarceration
    Karen Carr Turner, MS
Host: Alabama AETC

Calendar Farther Down the Road

August 2019
Skill-building Workshops
Click Here for Details

August 21 (Abstract Deadline)
October 21-22 (Meeting)
17th International Conference on Malignancies in HIV/AIDS
Location: NIH (Bethesda)

August 21 - New
Distinguished Lecture
"The long and winding road: HIV-1 reverse transcriptase structure, including new insights into viral assembly and maturation"
   Eddy Arnold, PhD
See details below in "Footlights" section

August 22-23
"5th Defeat HIV Conference on Cell & Gene Therapy for HIV Cure"
Location: Seattle
Abstract Submission

September 10-12
3rd National Congress of the Italian Society for Virology "SIV-ISV"
Location: University of Padua (Italy)

September 16-17
1ST Annual Southern Symposium on Solutions to End Youth Homelessness
Location: Emory Conference Center

September 16-17
Strengthening the Impact of Community Health Workers on HIV Care and Viral Suppression in the U.S.
Location: NIH (Bethesda)
• To request to attend via Webcast:

October 10-11
10th International Workshop on HIV & Aging
Location: New York City

November 12-16
International Society for NeuroVirology
Location: Westin Buckhead (Atlanta)


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Spotlight Spotlight

Footlights | Raymond Schinazi Distinguished Lectureship

Schinazi Distinguished Lecture 2019 Flyer


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