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March 25, 2020

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Please remember to cite the CFAR. Citing the CFAR grant number (AI050409) on all publications and presentations that benefited from any level of Emory CFAR consultation, services, materials, mentorship, or funding is crucial in ensuring our continued support from NIH.

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March 25, 2020
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     Deep Sea     


Need a break from what is happening on the earth's surface these days?

Check out this amazing infographic.

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... to Emory University for helping to build a free online tool to assess COVID-19 risk.

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     Aneesh Mehta     
     Vijay Velu     

Vijay Velu has new R01 funding to look at COMBINED CYTOKINE THERAPY FOR SUSTAINED HIV REMISSION (R01AI148377). The overarching goal of his project is to explore the safety and therapeutic potential of a novel, combined cytokine treatment (IL-12 plus IL-15/IL-15ra) as a curative strategy for HIV/SIV in SIV-infected ART-treated, therapeutically vaccinated rhesus macaques.

Velu's thesis is that the sequential administration of IL-12 and IL-15/IL-15ra will have a strong synergistic effect on antiviral responses leading to the reduction of SIV replication. If successful, this strategy will contribute to achieving a cure for HIV infection without lifelong ART.
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WEBSITE: COVID-19: Information for NIH Applicants and Recipients of NIH Funding

VIDEO: NIH (Mike Lauer) Message to Applicants and Recipients of NIH Funds on Flexibilities Needed for COVID-19

SUMMARY DOCUMENT: Overview: COVID-19 and NIH Funding

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     Mentoring Moment...    
Qual Works...

Would your HIV research skills be turbocharged if you knew more about qualitative data collection and analysis? Could you benefit from expert consultation and/or mentoring on your qualitative data project? Are you responsible for supervising or training research staff who conduct qualitative research?

If you answered yes to any of the above, keep reading.
REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for May 2020 Qual Works courses at Emory (RSPH).

Registration fee funding available for Emory and Georgia HCBU faculty through the CFAR Developmental Core.
Contact Kimbi Hagen (

Qualitative Research Methods, May 5-8, 2020. Cost: $850 (Students $650).
This 4-day workshop provides 32 hours of instruction on the principles and skills for qualitative data collection. It is suitable for anyone involved in designing, conducting, evaluating, training or managing qualitative research. No prerequisites.

Qualitative Data Analysis, May 13-15, 2020. Cost $750.
This 2½ -day workshop integrates principles with skills for conducting rigorous qualitative data analysis. It is suitable for anyone wishing to analyze qualitative data or those who supervise or train research staff. We use lecture-based sessions, skill building activities and hands-on sessions with data analysis software. No prerequisites.

Mentored Qualitative Analysis, May 15, 2020, 1.30pm-5.00pm. Cost $200.
This half-day workshop enables you to bring your own project or data and receive expert individual mentoring on qualitative data analysis specific to your project. This session is most suitable for those currently working on a project and ready to plan data analysis or who are conducting analysis and need further guidance. Prerequisite: Qualitative Data Analysis workshop.

Registration & August dates
Information by email or call 404-727-8804.

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Funding Opps

Standard AIDS Deadlines

Sponsor: NIMH
Clinical Trials: Optional
FOA: PA-20-141
Formative and Pilot Intervention Research for Prevention and Treatment of HIV/AIDS

Other Deadlines

Due: June 28 (LOI)
Sponsor: NIAID
Clinical Trials: Not Allowed
FOA: RFA-AI-20-024
Long Acting Treatments for HIV and HIV-Associated Co-Infections

See previously advertised Funding Opportunities in Network News archived issues.

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Recent Pubs
that link to the CFAR grant
(P30 AI050409)

Sullivan PS, Sanchez TH, Zlotorzynska M, Chandler CJ, Sineath RC, Kahle E, Tregear S. National trends in HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis awareness, willingness and use among United States men who have sex with men recruited online, 2013 through 2017.
J Int AIDS Soc. 2020 Mar;23(3):e25461. doi: 10.1002/jia2.25461.

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March 25
AETC Webinar
Webcast Wednesday: Pharmacy Based Structural Interventions to Reduce Substance Abuse and HIV
    Natalie Crawford, PhD

March 25
HDGH Wednesday Seminar
Global Mental Health in the Age of COVID-19: Our Collective Peril
    Rachel Wafford, PhD
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March 26
ID Seminar
Enzymatic Manipulation of IgG Fc glycans – Harnessing Effector Functions for the Next Generation of Immunotherapeutic Antibodies
   Eric J Sundberg, PhD
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Calendar Farther Down the Road

April 2 - Cancelled
Emory Provost Lecture Series
Joycelyn Elders
Location: Schwartz Center

April 13
Transitioning to Research Independence: Funding and Grantsmanship.'-Part 1
Starring: Jennifer Villaseñor
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June 12
10th Annual Southeastern Pediatric Research Conference
Location: Georgia Aquarium
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