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January 26, 2016: Special Edition

The Network News
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Special Edition: January 26, 2016
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Please forward to any and all who may need to know this

To all investigators interested
in conducting research at the IDP
or involving IDP patients

The Grady Infectious Diseases Program (IDP) at the Ponce de Leon Health Center (Ponce Clinic) has established guidelines for clinical research conducted at the IDP, enrolling IDP patients, or accessing medical records from IDP visits.

This will require submitting an online form* which is easily filled out by a research coordinator or anyone on the team. The form is designed to be simple, quick, and able to knocked out in a couple minutes, particularly if you get the following information together in advance:

1. Submission type (new, modified, existing)
2. Project title
3. Name and email of person completing the form
4. Affiliation, phone, and email for PI, IDP site investigator, and study coordinator
5. Funding status (obtained, pending, applied, not funded)
6. Funding source (NIH, institutional, other)
7. Award details (grant #, funding date range, total cost, annual cost)
8. Is this a multi-site study? If yes, what is the affiliation of the overall PI

The rest of the survey asks what activities will occur at Ponce and what support is needed, as well as the population being recruited and the recruitment method.

The requested information is necessary for us to review in order to determine that we have adequate resources -- including patient resources -- and track the research. In short, we are a victim of our success ... so many exciting studies are underway that we must develop a system of oversight.

Starting January 1, 2016: a) a completed form* must be submitted and b) ALL new studies must receive approval by the IDP Research Steering Committee prior to Grady Research Oversight Committee (GROC) sign-off.

Starting January 1, 2016: all studies that were ongoing as of that date must complete this submission form* by April 1, 2016. Ongoing studies will not require Committee approval to proceed.

We look forward to continuing collaborations to advance AIDS research,
Thanks, Wendy

Wendy Armstrong, MD
Site Director: Ponce Center
CFAR Clinical Research Core

Professor, Department of Medicine (ID)
Vice Chair of Education and Integration, Dept of Medicine
Program Director, Infectious Disease Fellowship Training Program
Medical Director, Infectious Disease Program at Grady Health System
Emory University School of Medicine

404-616-2493 (phone)
404-616-0592 (fax)

*If the links above do not work, paste the following URL into your browser:

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