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February 3, 2016: Special Edition

The Network News
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Special Edition: February 3, 2016
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Q: So what's up with the "Special Editions" of Network News?
When will Regular Editions resume?

A: Kimbi Hagen, aka the Network News editorial staff, is currently hard at work on the CFAR's competitive renewal application to NIH. CFAR is hiring additional staff assistance for her however so we hope to resume producing full scale editions soon.

Q: How can I help?

A: Proactively send Special Edition news items to Kimbi Hagen at That is always REALLY helpful

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Wednesday, February 3
Vaccine Dinner Club
Ten Years in the Life of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases: From Start-up to Senior Moments

Starring: Anne Schuchat, MD, (RADM, USPHS); Principal Deputy Director, CDC
Register to attend the meeting

Thursday, February 4
ID Seminar
"Understanding Rectal HIV Transmission Among Men Who Have Sex With Men"
Location: RSPH / CNR / Klamon Room ("the Room with a View")

Starring: Colleen Kelley, MD, MPH; Assoc. Director CFAR Clinical Research Core

Thursday, February 4
"CryoEM of Viruses and Virus-infected Cells"
Location: HSRB / Auditorium

Starring: Wah Chiu, PhD (Baylor)
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Ray Schinazi, Mirko Piairdini, Guido Silvestri, and Carlos del Rio have been invited to be Associate Editors for a novel peer review journal.

Here's what makes the journal novel:
(The below was directly excerpted from a January 15, 2016 article in Science by Jon Cohen)

There's no shortage of places to publish original research papers about pathogens and immunity, but a new peer-reviewed journal on those topics has a unique author-friendly mandate: to reduce the submission process to a matter of minutes, and initial reviews to just a few days.

"The submission process is usually a nightmare of torture and torment. It's simply not necessary," says Michael Lederman, the founder and editor-in-chief of the new journal, Pathogens & Immunity.

Lederman, [Director of the Case Western Reserve CFAR] promises that the journal's online submission process only takes 5 minutes. And, unlike other journals, it will accept any format approved by the National Library of Medicine. The editors will only request reformatting upon acceptance of a paper.

The journal will take another unusual step and pay [reviewers] $50 for evaluating submissions. "I don't like the idea of working for free," Lederman says. "I don't like publication houses using the insecurity of me and my colleagues to maintain their businesses."

"Is there a need for another journal on these topics?" Lederman asks. "No. Is there a need for a journal that's really friendly to researchers? Absolutely. And if we can do it better than the crop that exists, maybe others will modify their style a bit."

If all goes well, the first issue will appear in July.

Read the full article

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