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February 10, 2016: Special Edition

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Special Edition: February 10, 2016
Divider Rule President of Institute Pasteur to Speak at Emory on Friday:

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Divider Rule Call for CFAR Stars:

Dear Friends of CFAR,
It is an unfortunate fact of life that not all CFAR members are able to attend every single HIV/AIDS conference. Which means that a whole bunch of CFAR members have probably never heard YOUR talk or seen YOUR poster.

So we are dedicating a special meeting of the CFAR Network Pizza Party -- to be held on Thursday, March 24 -- to talks and posters that were presented by CFAR members at some conference or another over the course of the last year.

If you want your talk to be considered for inclusion please email the following information to by Thursday, February 25:
• Your Name:
• Conference Title and Sponsor:
• Conference Location:
• Date Presented:
• Title of Talk:
• Length of Talk:

If you want your poster to be considered for inclusion please email the following information to by Thursday, February 25:
• Your Name:
• Conference Title and Sponsor:
• Conference Location:
• Date Presented:
• Title of Poster:
• Poster Abstract:
Divider Rule New CFAR Clinical Core Service:

The notice below is from Colleen Kelley, Associate Director of the CFAR Clinical Research Core

In response to the growing need for human specimens from tissue compartments to advance HIV prevention and cure research at Emory, The CFAR Clinical Research Core announces a new core service for CFAR Investigators: Rectal biopsy tissues for HIV related research.

CFAR investigators may now request rectal pinch biopsies for research purposes from human subjects. CFAR clinicians will perform a rigid sigmoidoscopy procedure where up to 10 rectal pinch biopsies will be collected from research participants. Fresh biopsy specimens will be transferred directly to the requesting investigator for further processing/assays. This service will function similar to other requests (e.g. phlebotomy and blood samples) through the Clinical Core. The cost to investigators is approximately $400/procedure.

In addition to the above, the CFAR clinical core can also provide consultative services to develop human subjects research protocols that require sampling from other body compartments including the CSF, female and male genital tract, lymph nodes, etc.

Please contact Cameron Tran or Colleen Kelley for more information or to request services.


Divider Rule Up Coming Events:
Friday, February 12
The Institute Pasteur: History and Future Prospects
   Christian Brèchot MD, PhD, President, Pasteur Institute
Sponsor: The Laboratory of Biochemical Pharmacology; CFAR
Location: Health Sciences Research Building Auditorium
More Information: Flyer

Thursday, February 18
4:00 - 5:30pm
Book Lecture
"Religion and AIDS in Africa"
Location: RSPH / CNR / Klamon Room ("the Room with a View")
Hosts: Religion and Public Health Collaborative, Department of Sociology, CFAR

Starring the Author: Jenny Trinatapoli, PhD; Assoc. Prof. University of Chicago
More Information: Flyer

Friday, February 19
9:00 - 12:00
"Contentious Ethical Issues in Global Public Health: A Workshop"
Hosts: Center for Ethics and Religion, Public Health Collaborative

When public health research and programs originate in resource-rich countries and are implemented in resource-poor countries, ethical questions quickly arise. This workshop will begin with a panel discussion by leading global health researchers and practictioners about ethical issues that have arisen in their own work.

Following the panel, workshop participants will engage in small-group discussions about particular case studies, to identify ethical issues of concern and propose solutions.

Seating is limited. Register at:
More Information: Flyer
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