Center For AIDS Research

Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Core

Robert Lyles      Kirk Easley
Robert Lyles, PhD
Kirk Easley, MS
Associate Director

The Bios Core provides high quality statistical and data management training and support for the design, implementation, analysis, and publication of HIV research.

In addition to providing biostatistical and bioinformatics services to CFAR members, the Bios Core develops novel techniques that overcome statistical design and analytic challenges in basic, clinical, translational, and social/behavioral research and provides access to individual and group training in analytic and small database management methods.

Bios Core Contacts for:

  • General Questions: Bob Lyles (404-727-1310)
  • Clinical Research Core services: Christina Mehta (404-727-7623)
  • Developmental Core services: Kirk Easley (404-712-9642)
  • HIV & Aging SWG services: Bob Lyles (404-727-1310)
  • HIV Cure SWG services: Tianwei Yu (404-727-7671)
  • Immunology Core services: Hao Wu (404-727-8633)
  • Prevention Science Core services: Lance Waller (404-727-1057)
  • Virology Core services: Tianwei Yu (404-727-7671)

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