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HIV Cure Scientific Working Group

Raymond Schinazi      Guido Silvestri
Raymond Schinazi, PhD
Guido Silvestri, MD, PhD

Although great strides have been made during the last decade to increase the number of HIV-infected people on antiretroviral thereapy (ART), current forms of ART do not eliminate HIV-1 infection from an infected person and rapid rebound of viremia frequently occurs after cessation of treatment. This suggests a pressing need to identify novel methods that can lead to a "functional" cure for HIV-1..

The HIV Cure SWG, co-led by Drs. Raymond Schinazi and Guido Silvestri, seeks to expand NIH-funded multidisciplinary research at the intersection of two areas: 1) the elucidation of mechansims responsible for the establishment of the persistent reservoirs of latently (or productively) infected cells that remain present even in the setting of long-term ART, and 2) the development of novel therapeutic approaches that specifically target these reservoirs. The expansion will use the mechanistic data about viral persistence, coupled with optimized preclinical data for novel compounds to create a tandem foundation from which to inform rational and "tailor made" design of ACTG and other clinical trials nationally.

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