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Virology and Molecular Biomarkers Core

The Virology and Molecular Biomarkers Core comprises three distinct yet related Units to support virology studies at all points along the spectrum of HIV/AIDS and SIV research for human and non-human primates.

The Core’s Clinical Virology Unit is located at the Woodruff Memorial Building. Under the direction of Dr. Kraft, it provides HIV viral load quantification and assays related to HIV-associated diseases in humans.

The Core’s Translational Virology Unit is located at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center (YNPRC). Under the direction of Dr. Kulpa, it provides a broad spectrum of virological and gene expression assays for investigators studying SIV/SHIV infection in nonhuman primates (NHP).

The Core’s Viral Reservoirs Unit is located at the Health Sciences Research Building (HSRB). Under the direction of Dr. Mavigner, it develops and implements assays that quantify the virus reservoir under ART in non-human primates.

Services Offered by the Core

Consultation and Training:

  • Available upon request from each of the three Virology and Molecular Biomarkers Core’s Units. Please contact the appropriate Unit Manager for details.


Laboratory Services (CLIA-certified lab):

  • Chlamydia trachomatis/ Neisseria gonorrhoeae/ Trichomonas vaginalis PCR ($45-50 per sample)
  • HIV-1 RNA Viral Load ($91/sample)
  • Syphilis RPR or titer ($9/sample)
  • 16S Sequencing ($126/sample)
  • Creatinine ($17/sample)
  • Miseq Usage ($335/day or $517/multi-day)
  • Lab Whole Blood Processing (Serum/Plasma Cells) ($31/sample)
  • COVID PCR ($50/sample)
  • Sample Processing ($30/sample)
  • Lab Nucleic Acid Extraction (RNA/DNA) ($30/sample)


Laboratory Services:

  • Translational assay development, analysis, and quantification
    • SIVmac, SHIV, and SIVsmm plasma RNA viral loads (standard and low copy) ($35/sample)
    • SIVmac, SHIV, and SIVsmm cell-associated viral RNA/DNA quantification ($53/sample)
    • Custom viral qPCR assays (contact Unit for specific pricing)


Laboratory Services:

  • Viral Reservoir Quantification:
    • SIV QVOA ($811/sample)
    • SIV Integrated DNA Quantification ($679/sample)
    • SIV TILDA ($467/sample)
    • DNA Extraction Intact Pro-Viral DNA Assay ($75/sample)

To request any of the services listed above, please complete an Emory CFAR service request form >

Core Leadership and Key Staff

Deanna Kulpa, PhD

Interim Unit Director
Translational Virology Unit

Guido Silvestri, MD

VMB Core Emeritus Director

Colleen Kraft, MD

Unit Director
Clinical Virology Unit

Maud Mavigner, PhD

Unit Director
Viral Reservoirs Unit

Jessica Ingersoll, MS, MB(ASCP)

Supervisor, Clinical Virology Unit

Nils Schoof

Manager, Viral Reservoirs Unit

Shan Liang

Manager, Translational Virology Unit

Contact the Core

To contact the Core, reach out to Jessica Ingersoll for clinical services, Shan Liang for translational/pre-clinical services, and Nils Schoof for viral reservoir services.

Jessica Ingersoll, MS, MB (ASCP)
Supervisor, Clinical Virology Unit
Email: jessica.ingersoll@emoryhealthcare.org
Office Phone: 404.727.4483

Shan Liang
Manager, Translational Virology Lab
Email: shan.liang@emory.edu
Office Phone: 404.727.3034

Nils Schoof
Manager, Viral Reservoirs Lab
Email: nils.schoof@emory.edu
Office Phone: 404.727.2024

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