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Inter- and Intra-CFAR Working Groups

Inter-CFAR Antiretrovirals for Prevention Working Group

The Inter-CFAR Antiretrovirals for Prevention (AFP) Working Group was created to facilitate the sharing of new knowledge regarding the use of antiretrovirals to control the domestic and global HIV epidemic. The AFP Working Group has compiled and curated a web resource of services available in all CFAR cores that can facilitate inter-CFAR collaborations by interdisciplinary teams of investigators, housed on the Harvard CFAR homepage. The AFP Working Group hosted a meeting for early career investigators in January 2019 to enable them to meet thought leaders in this field and to have internal peer review of new research projects that they were planning. The main ongoing activity of the AFP Working Group is a bimonthly research in progress webinar, which features cutting edge research in this area and presentations to update CFAR researchers on emerging best practices and implementation science initiatives.

Access past recordings of the quarterly webinar series HERE.


  • Patrick Sullivan, DVM, PhD (Emory CFAR)
  • Kenneth Mayer, MD (Harvard CFAR)

For more information, contact Alberto Ottoboni, Harvard CFAR.

Inter-CFAR HIV in the Southeast Working Group

The Emory CFAR and the UAB CFAR co-founded this WG to foster collaborative scientific initiatives to promote discovery and support the rigorous evaluation and implementation of prevention and treatment programs in order to enhance health, wellness and outcomes, and overcome health inequities in the disproportionately impacted Southern U.S. region.


  • Carlos del Rio, MD (Emory CFAR)
  • Michael Mugavero, MD (UAB CFAR)

For more information, contact Shelle Bryant.

Inter-CFAR HIV & Aging Working Group

The Emory and Miami CFARs revitalized this WG to provide a forum to assess what is known and unknown about aging among PWH and to determine priorities for research at the interface of HIV, aging, and multi-morbidity.


  • Molly Perkins, PhD, MA (Emory CFAR)
  • Marcia Holstad, DSN, RN (Emory CFAR)
  • Savita Pahwa, PhD (Miami CFAR)

For more information, contact Amy Stewart, Miami CFAR.

Other Inter-CFAR Working Groups

For a full list of Inter-CFAR Working Groups and Initiatives and information on how to get involved, visit: niaid.nih.gov/research/cfar-collaborations

Morehouse SOM-Emory CFAR Working Group

The Morehouse School of Medicine (SOM) – Emory CFAR Working Group aims to address the underrepresentation of Historically Black Colleges and University (HBCU) faculty in NIH-funded HIV research and to identify barriers to success for these investigators. The working group was an outgrowth of Emory and Morehouse’s participation in the 2018 Inter-CFAR Workshop on Partnerships between HBCUs and CFARs hosted by the Tennessee CFAR.


  • Natalie Crawford, PhD (Emory CFAR)
  • V. Craig Bond, PhD (Morehouse SOM)

For more information, contact Shelle Bryant.

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